Burlington & Lockheed-Martin Uuummm. NO!

From the Peace and Justice Center
Get involved with organizing against the City of Burlington’s deal with Lockheed-Martin!  Lockheed Martin is the industry leader in the business of war and has quite a reputation for destruction of the environment… Vermont  is setting the standards in green and sustainable technologies, successful local companies and non-profits, grassroots initiatives and Vermonters are an overall peaceful & ecologically minded people…..OIL AND WATER DON”T MIX!

 Join us at the PJC on Monday night (1/31) at 7pm to discuss next steps. Come to the City Council meeting on Monday 2/7 to voice your concern and support the resolution to increase transparency!

One alternative plan calls for a Vermont climate round table which would partner local green companies, non-profits, Vermont policy makers and citizens groups to leverage all available resources. One such example is the State of Vermont’s VEGI tax write offs, some $3.6 million of which annually go to war profiteer General Dynamics.

VY Decommissioning Fund is Fraud!

excerpts from VT Digger Report: Yankee decommissioning costs too uncertain by Carl Etnier

Arnie Gundersen, a nuclear expert for Fairewinds Associates, says the Legislature should ask Entergy to hire an independent consultant to recalculate decommissioning costs for the plant before lawmakers discuss the issue this session.. Gundersen calls for new calculations to be commissioned immediately (by an independent company), which he says would take three months to prepare.

Please read the full article (link above). In my opinion it portrays the typical bureaucratic corporate manipulations from within government and industry to make sure the chips fall on their side. It is ridiculous that an industry such as nuclear power  can legally rely on a wall-street decommissioning fund (which of course by its very nature can fall short). This proves that we will eventually do away with nuclear. The estimated costs for decommission VY on the high end is around 1 billion, If nuclear was a sustainable energy they would be able to guaranteed the decommissioning cost at the expiration of their contract. Not only do they not have all the money needed they are dipping into the Decommissioning fund for other expenses that are not even allocated to it. Unbelievable, we are at the beck and whim of an out-of-state corporation who doesn’t mind to exploit our land, pollute our waters and lie to our officials under oath. In my book this type of business has no place in Vermont, they are  Corporate Colonialists. Entergy say if VY is closed in 2012 it won’t be decommissioned for another 12 to 15 years! This is a threat! They want us thinking, If we are going to have to look at the thing we might as well get some energy out of it. If this is the case Vermonters should fine VY for everyday past the closing date until the site is returned to the condition it was in before they built the reactor.

Peace Coming With a Government Run by the Human Race!

Here is a good article on Alternet about the Corporate person-hood resolution By Christopher Ketcham. (link to full article)

Resolution Calling to Amend the Constitution Banning Corporate Personhood Introduced in Vermont

excerpt –  In Vermont, state senator Virginia Lyons on Friday  presented an anti-corporate personhood resolution for passage in the Vermont legislature. The resolution, the first of its kind, proposes “an amendment to the United States Constitution … which provides that corporations are not persons under the laws of the United States.”  Sources in the state house say it has a good chance of passing….

“Corporations have no consciences, no beliefs, no feelings, no thoughts, no desires,” wrote Stevens (Justice John Paul Stevens). “Corporations help structure and facilitate the activities of human beings, to be sure, and their ‘personhood’ often serves as a useful legal fiction. But they are not themselves members of ‘We the People’ by whom and for whom our Constitution was established.”

David Cobb said, “This is the first state to introduce at the legislative level a statement of principles that corporations are not persons and do not have constitutional rights,”

This is Huge people! Get behind this movement voice your support by calling your state legislators, tell Gov. Shumlin, tell your friends and family this could initiate the fall of the Corporate rule, which means a Government by We the People for We the People, how it was meant to be. I know many of you feel there is nothing your little voice can do, this is the time to drop this sentiment and roar! If you are tiered of not having a say in the direction our country goes, than stand up and be heard. Remember Corporate America owns the majority of our Media the majority of our food production, the majority of our medicines, on and on….. It is time we tell the corporations, they work for We The People, we are not their subjects! Once their money and thus their voice is out of the political process our politicians must answer to us and not to the blackmail bribery of Multi-trillion dollar monopolies.

Peace Peace Peace the Time of Corporate War is Over We the People want PEACE!

Cobb’s constitutional amendment to strip corporations of personhood

by Carl Etnier on January 19, 2011 On VTdigger (full article)

David Cobb was on a three-day tour of Vermont this week to pitch a constitutional amendment that would strip corporations of personhood rights. Sen. Ginnie Lyons has proposed a resolution urging Congress to amend the Constitution to change the rights of corporations.

Listen to an audio clip of Cobb speaks and Lyons speaking at the Statehouse Jan. 18, 2011l

Draft of the proposed resolution from Sen. Lyons:

Challenging “Corporate Personhood” with David Cobb

UPDATED: Citizen activist and Green Party agitator David Cobb is in Vermont, helping Vermonters gear up to challenge the idea of “corporate personhood” with a new Vermont statehouse resolution.

David Cobb Interview Move to Amend Corporate Personhood

Nov. 29 Montpelier, VT – After a 2 hour presentation and a rowdy Q&A session before a crowd of 500 people, David Cobb gives us an update on the movement to abolish corporate personhood and restore Constitutional rule of law.


Vermont Yankee Nuclear Closure and Clean-up Forum

WHEN: Tuesday, February 15th at 6:30 pm
WHERE: Montshire Museum of Science; Norwich, VT
WHAT: A Public Forum – The Closure and Clean-Up of Vermont Yankee

A panel of seasoned experts will discuss what will happen when the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant ceases operations in March 2012. The panel will describe precedents from other reactor sites to explain the multi-year process of decommissioning and site clean-up of the Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor in Vernon, VT, and the potential impacts on area communities and the environment.

Learn what local citizens, municipal and regional bodies can do to make sure Vermont Yankee is properly dismantled and cleaned-up and the radioactive waste safely dealt with. Q&A and a period of open discussion will follow the panel presentation.

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