VY Decommissioning Fund is Fraud!

excerpts from VT Digger Report: Yankee decommissioning costs too uncertain by Carl Etnier

Arnie Gundersen, a nuclear expert for Fairewinds Associates, says the Legislature should ask Entergy to hire an independent consultant to recalculate decommissioning costs for the plant before lawmakers discuss the issue this session.. Gundersen calls for new calculations to be commissioned immediately (by an independent company), which he says would take three months to prepare.

Please read the full article (link above). In my opinion it portrays the typical bureaucratic corporate manipulations from within government and industry to make sure the chips fall on their side. It is ridiculous that an industry such as nuclear power  can legally rely on a wall-street decommissioning fund (which of course by its very nature can fall short). This proves that we will eventually do away with nuclear. The estimated costs for decommission VY on the high end is around 1 billion, If nuclear was a sustainable energy they would be able to guaranteed the decommissioning cost at the expiration of their contract. Not only do they not have all the money needed they are dipping into the Decommissioning fund for other expenses that are not even allocated to it. Unbelievable, we are at the beck and whim of an out-of-state corporation who doesn’t mind to exploit our land, pollute our waters and lie to our officials under oath. In my book this type of business has no place in Vermont, they are  Corporate Colonialists. Entergy say if VY is closed in 2012 it won’t be decommissioned for another 12 to 15 years! This is a threat! They want us thinking, If we are going to have to look at the thing we might as well get some energy out of it. If this is the case Vermonters should fine VY for everyday past the closing date until the site is returned to the condition it was in before they built the reactor.


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