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In an eighty-four page decision issued late on Monday April 28th, Federal District Court Judge Christina Reiss denied the Grocery Manufacturers’ Association’s motion for an injunction to block Vermont’s GMO labeling law from being implemented. Although she also denied the State of Vermont’s motion to dismiss the GMA’s lawsuit entirely, her ruling did support many of the State’s key arguments in support of the law.

Vermont’s first in the nation GMO labeling law was passed overwhelmingly by the legislature last year, and signed by Governor Shumlin last May. Passage of the law was supported by the work of the Vermont Right to Know GMOs coalition spearheaded by Cedar Circle Farm, the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont (NOFA-VT), Rural Vermont, and VPIRG. .

Next steps in the case may include proceeding to trial to resolve outstanding claims, or an appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Though the Court found that Plaintiffs’ are not likely to succeed on blocking the disclosure requirement, the Court indicated that the prohibition on using the term “natural” will face an uphill battle. The law is set to go in to effect on July 1st 2016.

Please visit the VT Right to Know GMOs website for further updates as the court case continues.


VT still in the fight with Monsanto

From VT Right to Know GMOs – April 17, 2014

Bill Passes Senate, 28-2!

Following Tuesday’s initial approval, the Senate officially passed Vermont’s GMO labeling bill (H.112) 28 to 2 on Wednesday!

This historic vote moves Vermont ever closer to becoming the first state to require labels on the GMO foods. The bill will now head to the House of Representatives where they will decide whether to concur with the Senate’s version of the bill, or create a conference committee to iron out the differences.

To visibly demonstrate the broad support for this bill we are calling for “honk and wave” events next Tuesday, April 22 (Earth Day) during morning “drive time” not just in Vermont but all across the country. Our national partners and supporters are helping to organize this.

Use this online tool to set up and share your local honk and wave!

In case you don’t know, a “honk and wave” is when you and your friends get some signs together, set up shop on a street corner (or highway overpass) and rally in front of motorists in support of GMO labeling. Please plan to snap a picture of your event and post it to the VT Right to Know Facebook page.

Keep checking our website for the latest on where people will be gathering, and make sure to share your pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter or via email – vtrighttoknowgmos(at)gmail.com. Thank you so much for everything you have done to get us this far!

Read the VT Digger article – http://vtdigger.org/2014/04/17/senate-passes-gmo-labeling-bill/

This is obviously another states right issue – “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” – US Constitution

Check out the tenth amendment centers website to learn more – http://tenthamendmentcenter.com

Citizens United Can be Overturned by a Simple Majority Vote by Congress

Video by on Dec 19, 2011

In this video starting at minute 01:38, Attorney James Leas shares his view on how to change the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. The Citizens United case gave corporations the right to spend unlimited funds on campaign contributions, effectively buying our electoral system. Congress has the Constitutional power to restrict the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court under Article 3.2.10:

In all the other Cases before mentioned, the supreme Court shall have appellate Jurisdiction, both as to Law and Fact, with such Exceptions, and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make.

This is James Leas’s (and our founding father’s) remedy, simply using the Constitutional power of Congress to remove this jurisdiction from the Supreme Court. James Leas goes further saying, that by passing a Constitutional Amendment we are actually legitimizing the Supreme Court’s involvement in this aspect of our policy making. This Constitutional solution is also easier to accomplish only needing a majority vote from congress, whereas a constitutional amendment needs a two thirds majority of congress and then three quarters of the states to ratify it.

De-Personhooding Corporations House Party

Corporate Personhood is the ideology that claims Corporations have the same Constitutional Rights as people and that their campagn contributions are considered freedom-of-speech protected under the First Amendment rights of these “Corporate-Persons”. Several movements have formed to reverse the supreme court ruling which guarantees corporations the right to contribute unlimited funding to political campaigns. More info.

The organization Move to Amend is teaming up with Public Citizen and People for the American Way initiating a Nation-wide citizens movement to reverse the Supreme Court Ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. The movement is using “house parties for democracy” to; inform the participants on the efforts Move to Amend has made to combat the impact to Corporate Personhood, help make community resolutions in support of an constitutional amendment, plan  local actions for January 21, 2012 (the second anniversary of the Citizens United ruling) and involve people in the growing national campaign to Amend. Senator Bernie Sanders will be a guest speaker for the national conference call to kick off these house parties on November 9. Here are the house parties scheduled for Vermont. (find a house party in your state)

Charlotte, VT

Host: Matthew Burke Address: Charlotte, VT (contact for address details) Time: 7:00-9:00pm Eastern RSVP info: burke00@yahoo.com

Essex Junction, VT

Host: Robert Kurth Address:  16 Ketcham Dr, Essex Junction, VT 05452 Time: 7:00-9:00pm Eastern RSVP info: acehybrid@gmail.com 845-876-7171

Hardwick, VT

Host: Zarina O’Hagin Address: St. John the Baptist Church, 39 W Church St, Hardwick, VT 05843 Time: 7:00-9:00pm Eastern RSVP info: zetso13@hughes.net

Marlboro, VT

Host: Edith Thomas, Address: Marlboro, Vt 05344 RSVP: ede@myfairpoint.net 802-257-7623

Wells, VT

Host: Anne Marie Hovel Address: 639 Saw Mill Hill Rd. Wells, VT 05774 RSVP info: amhavel@vermontel.net

more information – http://movetoamend.org/action/host-house-party-democracy-november-9th

The Corporate Personhood Resolution of Vermont

Populist Dialogues: David Cobb – Corporate Personhood

Move to Amend spokesperson David Cobb explains why we need to end corporate personhood, talks about the effects of it, and how corporations came to have human rights and privileges instead of having obligations. First broadcast on July 10, 2011. Find out how to air this show on your local community access cable station at http://www.populistdialogues.org.


Civil and Sovereign Society an Old World Ethic

We are in a critical moment of History, the citizenry of the world are standing up demanding a change in governance, most wanting a “true” democracy, where the people have a voice. In our present situation people feel like defenseless victims of the ever growing conglomerate of Commerce and Government. Citizens want an equal seat-of-power in the governance of their own lives, as a democracy is supposed to provide. To understand how we got where we are, we must look at our education system, the following article articulates the severity of the issue.

America Gets an F in Civics Education

May 23, 2011, by AAUWFellow

Earlier this month, the National Assessment Governing Board released its U.S. report card on civics, which evaluates fourth, eighth, and 12th graders’ knowledge of civics. The results were very disheartening. Of students in the 12th grade — who are about to turn voting age — only 64 percent tested at or above basic knowledge of civics, and only 24 percent tested at or above the proficient level.

AAUW Achievement Award Winner and retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor was present via satellite at the event when the results were announced. She said, “We cannot afford to continue to neglect the preparation of future generations for active and informed citizenship.” O’Connor has created a program to help foster civic knowledge in our nation’s youth, iCivics, which provides an interactive forum for children to learn more about the democratic process….

full article – http://blog-aauw.org/2011/05/23/civics-education/

The following article from Freedomadvocates.org shows the importance of understanding definitions within our founding documents from a historical perspective.

Understanding Unalienable Rights

The Declaration of Independence reads:

“That all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights…”

This means that human beings are imbued with unalienable rights which cannot be altered by law whereas inalienable rights are subject to remaking or revocation in accordance with man-made law. Inalienable rights are subject to changes in the law such as when property rights are given a back seat to emerging environmental law or free speech rights give way to political correctness. In these situations no violation has occurred by way of the application of inalienable rights – a mere change in the law changes the nature of the right….

Modern dictionaries blur the difference, as does modern intellectual thought. The modern definition of unalienable is the same as the historical definition of inalienable.

full article – http://www.freedomadvocates.org/articles/legitimate_government/understanding_unalienable_rights_20090805368/

Here is also another example of a phrase that is defined by extreme opposites.


Within the Conservation economy – Social Equity implies fair access to livelihood, education, and resources; full participation in the political and cultural life of the Community;… As Martin Luther King observed, “where there is injustice for one, there is injustice for all.”

Within the World Market Media – Social Equity is the perceived value of an individual, organization, or brands reputation…

link – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_equity

“Civil Rights” is thought by many to be synonymous with “Black Liberation”…. Yikees. Many people don’t understand what human rights are and have no interest in finding out… IEEeeee. If we are to become a society that reflects the beauty of its individuals we must change this detrimental trend. Educate yourself and others, your Rights are the key to a peaceful and just world.


The Repeal Amendment

Leash being prepared for Congress – World Net Daily Exclusive

May 20, 2011

WASHINGTON – A nationwide effort to increase the ability of the states to put a leash on federal power has taken a step toward reality with the introduction of the Repeal Amendment into both Houses of Congress.

The proposed constitutional amendment would check the power of the federal government by permitting a vote by two-thirds of the states to override an act of Congress.

The amendment is co-sponsored in the Senate by Sens. Michael Enzi, R-Wyo.; Orrin Hatch, R-Utah; James Risch, R-Idaho; and John Cornyn, R-Texas. It also has been introduced in the House by Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, along with 13 co-sponsors including Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif.

“The sole purpose of the Repeal Amendment is to restore the balance of power in our system of government as provided in the original Constitution, reserving most of the power to the states and the people while still recognizing a federal  http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=300745 ,” Enzi and Bishop wrote in a May 12 commentary of Foxnews.com.

Read the full story about how states are reacting to Washington’s power plays, in “STATES OF REBELLION: How legislators and governors nationwide are openly challenging a rogue president.”

They complain that states have become increasingly saddled with unfunded federal mandates that they struggle to pay.

“At present, the only way states can dispute a federal law or regulation is to challenge the law in federal court, or seek an amendment to the Constitution,” Enzi and Bishop wrote. “A state repeal power provides another constitutional way to reverse abusive congressional acts and administrative regulations without relying on federal judges or permanently amending the Constitution’s text.”…

Thus far 13 state legislatures have backed calling an Article V convention to force Congress to consider the amendment, according to RepealAmendment.org

full article –   http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=300745 

Our Founding Fathers gave enumerated powers to the federal government and reserved most of the power to the states and the people.  Today, the federal government has usurped the power that the Founders originally intended for the states and the people.  The Repeal Amendment is dedicated to restoring our nation’s liberty by advocating for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that restores the balance of power between the states and federal government.

Tell Senator Leahy and  Senator Sanders to Sponsor this Amendment –