VY and the Health Dep.

In my last post I stated the Health Departments “independent” investigation on Tritium contamination was heavily referencing VY own statements (link). The last entry of data shown on the graphs of well contamination is Dec. 3, not exactly updated (link). The highest levels being around 600,000 pCi/L, the legal limit for drinking water is 20,000 pCi/L (not that anybody would be drinking from these wells). Why has a month passed without updating the public data as they have continued extraction? I have sent my inquiries to the Health Dep. and will post their reply.

Entergy’s Vice President Jay Thayer May 2009 at the Public Service Board, testified under oath that VY did not have active pipes underground carrying radioactive materials. Thayer later confessed, the plant does have underground pipes in active use, and he failed to get back to the board with the correct information.

This is why Vermonters and the State should not trust VY’s information and investigation. Why does it seem that they run the show for the operations of decontamination and the onsite testing? Where are the numbers prior jan 2010, who was the independent body monitoring these wells? We have been relying on what “VY Reported”?

In my view the Health Department and the State has given VY way too much slack. The independent oversight seems to be greatly lacking. They need someone to be breathing down their neck and looking over their shoulder. WE NEED A REAL SOLID INVESTIGATION AND ITS REPORT ON THE PUBLIC RECORD!


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