VY… What do you think Vermonters 2012 or 2032?

Here are 2 articles from the last two day on Vermont Yankee’s continuing generosity to Vermont.

Vt. nuke plant again drawing dirty ground water Jan. 6

Safety valve leakage discovered at VY Jan. 8

Very interesting to me is the Vermont Yankee “investigation” at the VT health web site; under health alerts it states “..it (tritium) also occurs naturally in the environment as the result of cosmic ray interactions with the earth. There is no immediate threat to public health…”

On one hand they say,  “The Health Department has been working to independently monitor the investigation, conduct independent laboratory tests of environmental samples, and keep Vermonters fully informed as the investigation proceeds.” Yet throughout the report all I see is: “according to V.Y.” – “V.Y. notifies” – “reported by V.Y.” where is the independent data of the Vermont Health department?

OK. I found the Health Departments report on Tritium containation of the VY wells (link). The last data shown is Dec. 3, not exactly updated. The highest levels being around 600,000 pCi/L the legal limit for drinking water is 20,000 pCi/L. Why has a month passed without updating the public data as they have continued extraction?

Tritium is a by-product of nuclear power production but it does have a use! It is mainly used in the nuclear weapons manufacturing industry and has the role of initiating the nuclear chain reaction. Nice double purpose, so we get dirty cheap electricity and the substance needed for our NUKE ARMAMENT. Not to mention a poisoned environment. THANKS!

Tritium also known as hydrogen-3 is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. Naturally occurring tritium is extremely rare on Earth. It can combine with oxygen to form tritiated water molecules, it is a radiation hazard when inhaled, ingested via food, water, or absorbed through the skin. The low energy of tritium’s radiation makes it very difficult to detect. Radiation exposure increases the probability of developing diseases, mainly cancer, tumors, and genetic damage. They want you to believe there is “no immediate risk” because, it is low in radioactivity and it’s half life is a short 12 year.

Vermont Yankee first started pumping out tritium-contaminated groundwater using special extraction wells in late March 2010. They re-started the groundwater extraction operation on Dec. 30 because on Dec. 7 Governor Shumlin requested it. link to the Investigation

What do you think Vermonters 2012 or 2032? You better speak up!

2 thoughts on “VY… What do you think Vermonters 2012 or 2032?

    • This post was not in reference to either of the 2 articles attached, it was an analysis of the investigation on the Vermont Health Department’s page, so it won’t be submitted to the editors. I will send my questions to the VT Health Department and post their reply. Thanks for caring, spread the word and remember to check back with VT4Evolution.
      Peace to you – VT4Evolution

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