Anais Mitchell on VT’s Farm to School Program

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Singer, songwriter, Anais Mitchell, visits the Vermont Public Radio studio in Colchester, Vermont on September 26, 2012, for a live performance and interview on VPR’s Vermont Edition. Anais Speaks of her Barn Storming tour, her partnership with the Vermont Community Foundation and their efforts to support Vermont’s Farm to table programs.

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Vermont Farmers take on Monsanto

Video via – Sep 20, 2012

Vermonter’s gather at a rally to protest Monsanto pushing their unsustainable products on Vermont Farmers. Rachel Nevitt (from Full Moon Farm) comes in at 8:20 in this video speaking about the unsustainability of Monsanto Corps.

Nevitt and her husband, David Zuckerman, are plaintiffs in a lawsuit that concerns patent rights and genetically modified organisms (GMO). – BFP full article about the lawsuit

excerpt quote from her speech –

Creating a seed that can not be selectively saved nor improved upon is NOT sustainable, asking farmers to buy all their seed from the same corporation is NOT sustainable, forcing farmers to buy Monsanto’s compatible herbicide annually is NOT sustainable, wide spread over-use of round-up herbicide leading to the creation of glyphosate resistant super-weeds is NOT  sustainable, suing farmers for saving seeds is NOT sustainable, suing farmers for cross-contamination is NOT sustainable, annihilating seed diversity is NOT sustainable,  not properly testing your products for long-term health or environmental effects is NOT sustainable, causing a never before seen on Earth pathogen that effects our livestock’s ability to reproduce is NOT sustainable,  Spending 7.1 million dollars out of their pocket-book to keep California consumers in the dark is NOT sustainable.” – Rachel Nevitt

When Monsanto speaks of sustainability they are speaking of sustaining their control and profits over our food supply, not the health and well being of our future generations and land. From Monsanto’s website on why they sue farmers who save seed, “When farmers purchase a patented seed variety, they sign an agreement that they will not save and replant seeds produced from the seed they buy from us.”

That is why,

Monsanto’s cost-inflated and ineffective seeds have been driving farmers to suicide, and is considered to be one of the largest — if not the largest — cause of the quarter of a million farmer suicidesover the past 16 years.

According to the most recent figures (provided by the New York University School of Law), 17,638 Indian farmers committed suicide in 2009 — about one death every 30 minutes.

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Vermont Going Solar!

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Via Sun Common – Going Solar

A lot of Vermonters have wanted to go solar, but until now it’s been hard for the typical homeowner to figure it all out on their own. And the price was beyond the reach of most of us. SunCommon’s mission is to dramatically increase the amount of solar power in Vermont — by making it easy for folks and bringing the cost way down with our state’s first no-money down lease.  Save Money.  Go Solar.

The electrical grid serves as your really big battery. The electricity you make and don’t use gets fed into the grid and your utility sells it to your neighbors, giving you a credit for all that power. At night when your solar panels aren’t making electricity or anytime you need more power than you’re producing, you draw down that credit with the utility. The goal is to create as much power as you use over the course of a year, net out at zero and pay your utility nothing for electricity – letting your panels do the work. It’s called Net Metering, and Vermont state law requires our utilities to make this available to everyone.

Check out SunCommon

Peace with Iran, Peace Now, Peace Everywhere!

A powerful prayer is emanating from the little town of Bristol, Vermont.

‘For the love of the Earth and all our relations, please promote Peace with Iran.’ 

Jennifer Vyhnak, Director of the Earth Healing Institute, is calling for all Peace lovers everywhere to “pulse” their social networks with this message once a day for seven days “to create an exponential wave of awareness around the planet to achieve the above focused, life affirming outcome.”

To participate in the Peace with Iran Project read Jennifer’s entire message – LINK

Linked below is a very interesting Podcast analyzing the present situation with Iran – News Dissector Danny Schechter reports on his recent visit to Iran and Interviews Foad Izadi, a Professor at the University of Tehran and Nader Talebzadeh, an Iranian TV talk show host and prominent filmmaker.

Listen to the podcast –

Stay Tuned to Vermont For Evolution for updates on the evolution of the Peace with Iran Project 

Vermont Yankee = Fukushima Daiichi – MARK 1 Reactor

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Two foreign journalists ask these questions (approximate quotes)

“They didn’t even try to convince the public, that after that incident, (Fukushima Meltdown) that they did some extra precautionary measure?”….

“In the weeks or months after Fukushima, to your knowledge, there was no kind of stress test… Thinking about, well we have the same machinery running here than they had running in Japan (so we should make such and such adjustments)?”

Story below Via – Brattleboro Reformer

By BOB AUDETTE / Reformer Staff  Saturday September 8, 2012

BRATTLEBORO — The Vermont State Nuclear Advisory Panel will be in Vernon Monday night to discuss response plans to radiological emergencies at Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant.

The agenda includes a presentation by FEMA on its role in emergency planning and coordination with state emergency planning management.

Vermont Emergency Management will discuss the funding process for the Radiological Emergency Response Plan and provide information concerning the use of four lanes on I-91 as an emergency route.

Of particular interest will be a discussion by VEM of issues raised in a letter by the town of Dummerston, a letter that was delivered to Sarah Hofmann, the deputy commissioner of the Vermont Department of Public Service in October 2011.

During the Dummerston Selectboard meeting on Sept. 5, John Angil, the director of the Radiological Emergency Response Program, which is located in Brattleboro, said he became aware of the letter in August of this year, 10 months after it was submitted.

The letter expressed concerns about evacuation routes through and out of Dummerston and traffic control in case of an emergency at Vermont Yankee.

full article –

Isn’t it reassuring that they will ensure you know which road to take out of town if there is a nuclear disaster, but they won’t address the issue of dealing with the piling-up spent nuclear fuel that they are storing on-site?

Tell your State Representatives to attend the Congressional Briefing on Nuclear Sep. 20th


Cleaning-up Fukushima – “There is no good solution”

This week, Dr. Caldicott brings on nuclear engineer Arnold Gundersen to update readers on the unfolding effects of the Fukushima meltdowns and what is happening with nuclear power in other parts of the world. Longer show description to follow. As background, listen to earlier conversations with Gundersen (starting with April 1, 2011), which can be found on the Archives page.
Read the August 2012 news articles Study: Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Caused Mutant Butterflies and Grassroots Power Pushing Japan Towards Nuclear-Free Future .

visit, the website of Gundersen’s organization, for more information.

link –

PDF from Fairewinds – Fukushima Timeline

Vermont – Aerial Spraying of RAID on Citizenry

Aerial Mosquito Spraying Planned for Addison and Rutland Counties

Public Meeting Scheduled for Brandon Town Hall on Sept. 4, 7 p.m.

For Immediate Release: Sept. 3, 2012
Media Contact: Communication Office
Vermont Department of Health

BURLINGTON – The Vermont Department of Health and Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets will hold a public meeting on Tuesday, 7 p.m. at the Brandon Town Hall to discuss the planned aerial application of pesticide in areas of Addison and Rutland Counties…

Health Commissioner Harry Chen, MD, determined that the pesticide application is warranted to mitigate the significant public health risk posed by the infected mosquitoes in these areas….

The spraying will have two centers for treatment near Brandon and Whiting using a pesticide (Sumithrin) that is frequently used to control insects in homes and gardens and on pets. Ground pesticide spraying by the Brandon, Leicester, Salisbury, Goshen Mosquito District has been underway at area campgrounds, schools, the Neshobe Golf Club and along roadways in the Forest Brook Development.

Full Article

Now some info on what exactly they plan to spray, giving us only two days notice…..

Sumithrin is an insecticide in the synthetic pyrethroid pesticide family. It is also called d- phenothrin. Marketed as an insecticide since 1977, it is sold by many pesticide companies using a variety of brand names, including Raid, Enforcer, Ortho, and Anvil.

via Beyond Pesticides

Pesticide products containing synthetic pyrethroids are often described by pest control operators and community mosquito management bureaus as “safe as chrysanthemum flowers.” While pyrethroids are a synthetic version of an extract from the chyrsanthemum plant, they were chemically engineered to be more toxic with longer breakdown times, and are often formulated with synergists, increasing potency and compromising the human body’s ability to detoxify the pesticide. 

Many pyrethroids have also been linked to disruption of the endocrine system, which can adversely affect reproduction and sexual development, interfere with the immune system and increase chances of breast cancer. Pyrethroids contain human-made, or xenoestrogens, which can increase the amount of estrogen in the body (Garey et al., 1998)….

Signs and symptoms of poisoning by pyrethroids may take several forms. Because of the similarities to crude pyrethrum, pyrethroids may act as dermal and respiratory allergens. Exposure to pyrethroids has resulted in contact dermatitis and asthma-like reactions.

read the full Fact Sheet at Beyond Pesticides

Another Fact Sheet specifically on Sumithrin

Contact The Vermont Department of Health 802-316-2128 and tell them how you feel about this.