Burlington & Lockheed-Martin Uuummm. NO!

From the Peace and Justice Center
Get involved with organizing against the City of Burlington’s deal with Lockheed-Martin!  Lockheed Martin is the industry leader in the business of war and has quite a reputation for destruction of the environment… Vermont  is setting the standards in green and sustainable technologies, successful local companies and non-profits, grassroots initiatives and Vermonters are an overall peaceful & ecologically minded people…..OIL AND WATER DON”T MIX!

 Join us at the PJC on Monday night (1/31) at 7pm to discuss next steps. Come to the City Council meeting on Monday 2/7 to voice your concern and support the resolution to increase transparency!

One alternative plan calls for a Vermont climate round table which would partner local green companies, non-profits, Vermont policy makers and citizens groups to leverage all available resources. One such example is the State of Vermont’s VEGI tax write offs, some $3.6 million of which annually go to war profiteer General Dynamics.

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