Question: How can the Vermont legislature find the $100 million needed to fund life in our Green Mountains? (SOLUTIONS)

Second Vermont Republic

The answer? A Vermont public bank. Unknown

2VR has long supported independent financing for our once-and-future republic, and last year – 2014 – was a big one for making political and economic inroads with the concept of a public bank for Vermont, including a town meeting campaign in which dozens of towns considered the idea in public forum. Now here we are in 2015, and you’d think our elected officials in the Statehouse have completely forgotten about this revolutionary idea, supported by towns in town meetings across the state last spring. Silly them. Here are a few links to bring everyone up to speed. If you are new to the Vermont-based public banking conversation, check out YES magazine’s fantastic January 7, 2015 news summary – “Vermonters Lobby for a Public Bank – And Win Millions For Local Investment Instead” – detailing our efforts to date. If you’ve never heard of public…

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