Establishing regions for lakes permit programs increases efficiency

Establishing regions for lakes permit programs increases efficiency


Are you planning to develop your shoreland property?  A recent change in how the new Shoreland Permit Program and the long-established Lake Encroachment Permit Program are administered will make the permitting process more efficient.

While the two permit programs regulate different activities, their jurisdictional boundaries meet at mean water level. The Shoreland Permit Program regulates activities on the lakeshore, from mean water level to 250 feet outward on lakes greater than 10 acres.  The Lake Encroachment Permit Program regulates activities from the mean water level inward. As many shoreland projects cross this boundary, a single permit analyst will now be administering both programs on a regional basis.

For more information, or to obtain a shoreland permit or lake encroachment permit, please contact the appropriate Regional Permit Analyst.

Shoreland & Lake Encroachment Permit Program Regional Contacts Shoreland & Lake Encroachment Permit Program Regional Contacts

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Why Is The Pentagon Arming Vermont’s Cops? (INVESTIGATION)

Second Vermont Republic

Kudos to SEVEN DAYS, our Burlington-based independent weekly, for covering the Pentagon’s dramatic arming of local Vermont law enforcement.


This important story explains why our bucolic Vermont towns look more and more like foreign war zones under occupation by the U.S. of Empire.

And in case you can’t visualize the scene, here’s a handy photo from a recent standoff between local law enforcement in Vermont’s Mad River Valley (Moretown) and a local citizen – note the full body armor.

2VR-Local cops complex

In a state of hunting and fishing with the most permissive firearm carry laws in the U.S., a state where local hunter safety classes remain popular and so many law-abiding citizens own and responsibly use firearms, a state with one of the lowest rates of homicide in the Empire, arming our local law enforcement officers to the teeth seems ludicrous.

Unless there are other motivations at work…?

Free Vermont!

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