• Transportation Solutions

Transport is a big issue in a post peak oil world! We are looking for more resources and solutions to ending our petrol dependancy.

Resource & Project Links

Bus Map and guide VT

Ride Share Directory

UVM Sustainable Transit Projects

Free Public Transit Blog

Vehiculess in Vermont 

The following videos illustrate some alternative transport solutions.

Prof. Charles Samuel Greenwood P.E. Chief Scientist and Inventor of HumanCar® takes the Imagine PS exotic out for a test drive with son Chuck.  http://www.humancar.com/about/

An instructional video on converting a car to run on vegetable oil.  http://www.vegmyride.tv/

Mose Giganticus and The Emotron and this year we are touring to Alaska on Vegetable Oil. This video shows the process of refining used veg. oil

This video shows and old Wood-gas powered truck. Wood-Gas Powered Cars

“Bikes” & Peddle Power

The WireRoad (TarBato in Nepali) is a low-cost, pedal-powered monorail transport system for people and goods, modified by EcoSystems/VillageTech Solutions from an original technology called the ‘banana cableway’. Those industrial systems cover many hundred thousand kilometers, and carry ‘trains’ of bananas, pulled by a worker who walks under the wire. (more info at youtube)

The Air Powered Vehicle was designed and built by 3 Mechanical Engineering students at San Jose State University: Daniel Mekis, Dennis Schaaf and Andrew Merovich. It was sponsored by Sunshops in Santa Cruz, Ca. It runs on compressed air. This video is of it’s maiden voyage

Jeremy Clarkson travels to Switzerland to try out the EcoMobile: a motor bike with a full car body.

The Feetz is not just another bicycle for the transport of children it is a multi-functionel bicycle that adapts to its surroundings… And this is what makes the Feetz unique. With one smooth action the Feetz transforms from a bike to a baby carriage/shopping cart.

E-Bike electric 4 weeled bycicle zem
500 Watt tretunterstützt human pedaled

a cool transport bike at the end of another 3 mile commute home from the elementary school.


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