Gaelan Brown on the Possibility of a Vermont State Bank

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1809 $3 Bill Vermont State Bank

Gaelan Brown’s  recent article on Vermont Commons: Financial Lifeboats

While there are legitimate flaws of our entire fiat/compound-interest money and banking system, there IS a way for state-level financial self-reliance to be created independently of the corrupt mega-banks and the unconstitutional Federal Reserve.

North Dakota’s State-owned bank is not a socialist-program, it’s merely an example of a state exerting its SOVEREIGNTY to create economic conditions that benefit its people and businesses (access to affordable credit) independently of out-of-state interests.

This must-see video details the history of the highly successful Bank of North Dakota, including many of the business/political leaders in present day N.D. who explain how this institution has helped N.D. become the ONLY state in the US with a budget surplus and low unemployment.

There is a group of Vermont business leaders, politicians and academics who are working on this very issue. We have the ear of several legisltive leaders and Gov Shumlin. We have a road-map for how and why a Vt State Bank could be successful from the Public Banking Institute and other leaders such as the people featured in this video.

What we don’t have is a grassroots populist movement to pressure Montpelier to move forward on this issue. That’s where you, dear reader, come in. Call your local Rep/Senator and urge them to move forward on a Vt State Bank! 

 VT State Reps listed by District & Senators By County


Vermont Innovators for a Sustainable World – Trailer

I just ran across this “Trailer for proposed media project exploring the emerging infrastructure of sustainability in Vermont”. I hope this project is successful and becomes a full length documentary film!

21st Century Rebel – Food Watch Daily

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Twenty First Century Rebel

The “Food Landscape” of the Social,  Political and Economic World is changing fast. Trying to keep up on all that is happening is a challenge.

Introducing my new e-News Paper The Food Watch DailyI will also link it on the side bar under Blogroll. It is an automatically generated news paper from RSS feeds and Twitter accounts covering food; issues, regulation, legislation and solutions.

The paper is released every day at 10 am Eastern Standard time. After it is released I will be hand selecting articles and videos when my time allows. Check it out and share it with your social networks.


Bless the Earth, the hands that sow and the hearts that hunger for a better tomorrow!

Trying to Quell the Voice of the 99% UPDATED

The recent developments in the Nation wide Occupy Movement shows a collective effort by city, state and/or federal officials to quell the voice and actions of occupiers expression of direct democracy. An article covering the coordinated effort to evict OWS movements- Police State Tactics: Signs Point to a Coordinated National Program to Try and Unoccupy Wall Street and Other Cities and another MAYORS COME TOGETHER UNDER THE THREAT OF (GASP!) FREE SPEECH

Below are links of stories and videos of the recent Occupations that have been evicted, I will try to update this post as more evictions take place. My apologies these events are not being covered very well, I did my best to find the stories and videos that covered each eviction the best.

Occupy St. Louis evicted November 11th Story – (video)

Occupy Burlington evicted November 11th Story – (video)

Occupy Abany evicted November 12th – Story – (video)

Occupy Salt Lake evicted November 12th – Story – (video)

Occupy Denver evicted November 12th – Story – (video)

Occupy Portland evicted November 13th – Story – (video) (more videos)

Occupy Oakland evicted November 14th – Story – (video)

Occupy Dallas evicted November 17th – Story – (video)

Occupy Wall St. NYC evicted November 15th – Story Video Below

Occupy Los Angeles evicted November 30th – Story (Video)

Occupy Philadelphia evicted November – Story and Video More (Video)

How Will the 2012 Farm Bill Affect Vermont?

Food journalist Michael Pollan explains why everyone should care about this important legislation in this interview featured on Nourish Blog. Nourish is an educational initiative designed to open a meaningful conversation about food and sustainability, particularly in schools and communities.

Visit to learn how you can take part in the 2012 Farm Bill. The Farm Bill sets the rules for how food is produced and consumed in America.

What is the Farm Bill? And Why Should I Care?  By Ben Hoffman Nov 1, 2011

Beth Hoffman has reported on food and agriculture for ten years, airing on NPR, The World, Latino USA, Living on Earth, KUER and KALW , and studied the food system in depth as a fellow and co-lecturer in the Africa Reporting Project at UC Berkeley’s School of Journalism.

More Vermont Rice Pioneers!

Breezy Meadows Orchards and Nursery is a young Permaculture farm run by Josh Brill and  Meadow Squier in Tinmouth, Vermont. They are yet another of Vermont’s pioneering rice growers. By using They have secured enough funds to expand their rice production to one full acre which will potentially supply between 3000 and 5000 pounds of rice. Check out their Blog for photos and updates:

Introduction from their site: Welcome to Breezy Meadows Orchards and Nursery, we are basing our agricultural systems with permacultural practices in mind going beyond standard organic practices. Our farming systems are designed to work with natural systems and benefit not only us as growers but be a benefit to our surrounding ecosystems. The benchmarks we set for ourselves are not only those tied to how many pounds of food we can produce but by how many inches of soil we help create and by an increase in biodiversity found on our land. In the Our Farm section of the site you will find information on the history of our location and the techniques we are using on the farm.

Best of Luck to These Stewards of Vermont’s Food Security – VT4Evolution

Homeless in Vermont – Occupy your Heart

The occupation of Burlington’s city hall park has entered into a common trend that the nation wide movement of occupations share now, becoming a refuge for the homeless. This issue made it to the attention of Vermont’s mainstream media today Nov. 9th on WCAX after a letter was mailed to Burlington’s Mayor Bob Kiss, stating that the city’s at-capacity Homeless Shelters were referring people to the encampment and the occupiers didn’t have the training nor means to correctly provide assistance to the homeless.

In the WCAX report (VIDEO), The Committee on Temporary Shelter (COTS) is quick to deny the allegations to the mayor after being questioned, but a COTS spokes person goes on to “doubt anyone at COTS would refer someone to the park, but added she’s quite grateful for all the help she has received in camp.”

Did COTS refer homeless to the camp or didn’t they? It isn’t the point, the occupation is fulfilling the humanitarian aid that the State, Federal and private sector should be fulfilling, but isn’t.

Now, COTS isn’t the only institution in Burlington that the homeless turn to for assistance, In this video a homeless Burlington resident reveals that the homeless shelters are overfilled and that an employee  of the Howard Center directed him to the Burlington Occupation.

The Howard Center isn’t a shelter to my knowledge, but they are a human services institution and I am sure they know the shelters are full. What other option can they offer?

I don’t find any recent statistics on homeless in VT but last years 7Days article – Vermont’s Homeless Problem Takes a Disturbing Turn: Squatting states-

In Chittenden County, where most of the state’s soup kitchens, food shelves and service agencies are located, the homeless population has more than doubled in two years — from 424 in 2008 to 916 this year. The number of children in those totals jumped from 86 kids two years ago to 256 today…Currently, there’s a two-month wait for beds at the family shelters run by COTS

When I searched the site for “homeless” I got 13 Million 500 thousand hits! To me this illustrates a crucial point about our society. Human Services are entrapped within the same institutionalization as our politicians, which denies and/or white washes reality with promises and programs that fall way short, when the solution is simple… We are the solution! A society that is sensitive to its own people’s needs is a community, in community there is no bureaucracy because your issues are my issues and by working together the solutions come, sometimes easy, sometimes with a struggle but a community doesn’t turn their back on their own.

The Occupiers are in a fragile situation with the city ordinances namely the curfew, which is illustrated clearly in this recent video of an occupier speaking at a Burlington city council meeting. Having Homeless using the occupation camp as a residence presents a lot of different issues and complexities for the organizers and protesters to deal with. I believe protesters are willing to deal with these complexities because the homeless are one of the resultant casualties of Wall Street’s greed and deception, and because of the precarious situation with the city curfew – illustrated in this video of another occupier speaking at the city council meeting.

Occupy Burlington is not only protesting for a better World they are making it a reality. SUPPORT THE OCCUPATION HOW EVER YOU CAN!