Burlington is “Smart”???

Burlington’s Smart Grid Voters Approved the Bond Vote on June 28th which will fund “half” of the $13.5 million “upgrade” to the city’s electrical system. Out of the 10’s of thousands of “should-be” Burlington voters, about 3000 decided to vote. The “win” was anything but a land slide – 1,808 yeas to 1,176, nays. Ward 7 was the only sector of Burlington voters who came out in numbers opposing the measure 387-264. Many of the working class people still don’t know what a Smart Meter is, they will come home from work one day to a brand new sparkly radiating “Smart” meter, no need to ask the residents, the vote has been WON!

As in other cities around the country Smart Meters will be forced on the public. Public service commissioner Elizabeth Miller has said Vermont will implement an Opt-Out policy, details are yet to be revealed. Most likely it will be a “Pay to Opt-Out” policy as they have done in California. It seems that the Smart Grid’s motto is: “Your either with us or your against us.”

It is impressive that Radio Frequency Smart Meters have just been classified as possibly cancer causing by The World Health Organization, and here we are ready to amp-up our already high exposure to more Radio Frequency Microwaves.

As I have stated in my Sample Letter to VT Public Service Board, even if people choose to opt-out, like the 1,176 voters who voted against this bond, they still will not be able to avoid RF meter exposure. Many people live in apartment building where the meters are grouped together at the entry ways, in such scenarios these RF meters have even been documented by the Sage Reports to exceed FCC regulations. These people who don’t wish to expose themselves to the radio & microwaves from RF meters will also be exposed to this radiation in the workplace and in public places.

Contact your representative and the VT Public Service Board, use the sample letter above as a template if you like. New Technology that doesn’t have regulations specifically made for it, needs a moratorium. FCC regulations were set up to regulate THERMAL exposure of wireless tech and nothing more. “They” once thought that X-Rays were safe too… This could be one of the biggest mistakes of “Modern Civilized Society” I guess it will be an experiment “we” will test on ourselves.

Burlington votes on smart grid technology

Burlington, Vermont – June 28, 2011 Burlington voters head to the polls Tuesday to decide whether the city should invest in smart grid technology. Proponents say installing smart meters on homes and businesses would improve energy efficiency, help stabilize rates and create a more reliable distribution system. Residents are being asked to fund $7 million of the project. The other 50 percent would be funded through a U.S. Department of Energy grant. However some residents do have concerns with the technology. “There are a lot of questions I have about that,” Burlington resident Linda Chagnon says. “The safety of it, the security of it, the cost of it, the privacy. That’s key, the privacy. I just don’t like a new technology pushed on me in my own home.” Polls are open from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Keagan Harsha – WCAX News

link – http://www.wcax.com/story/14987675/burlington-votes-on-smart-grid-technology

info on Smart Grid – https://vermont4evolution.wordpress.com/?s=smart+grid

Nuclear Weapons Lab Threatened by Wildfires & Floods Continue to Threaten Nebraska NuclearReactor!

Wildfire triggers evacuation for Los Alamos lab

By Zelie Pollon          6/27/2011

SANTA FE, N.M., June 26 (Reuters)… The Las Conchas Fire flared early Sunday afternoon around 12 miles southwest of Los Alamos, charring about 3,500 acres and endangering the nation’s nuclear weapons laboratory and its surrounding communities, said Lawrence Lujan, a spokesman for the Santa Fe National Forest.

“We have homes and we have the labs, so it’s a very, very big concern, not only locally but nationally and globally,” Lujan said. “This fire is very complex. We have a national type one team coming in because of the nature of the fire.”

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez has ordered the New Mexico National Guard to Los Alamos to provide support for the ongoing efforts to protect lives, property and critical infrastructure threatened by the fire.

full article – http://www.vision.org/visionmedia/article.aspx?id=45814

High water threatens nuclear plants 6/27/2011

Water broke through an inflatable dam around the perimeter of the Ft. Calhoun plant Sunday morning and ran into the main electrical transformers, forcing plant operators to switch to backup generators.

The Ft. Calhoun station is on the Missouri River bank in Blair, about 20 miles north of Omaha. A machine working at the plant poked a hole in the inflatable dam, the Iowa Independent newspaper reported

Although Ft. Calhoun was shut down in April, the electrical system at the plant must operate to cool both the reactor and spent fuel, the Independent said.

full article – http://www.northplattebulletin.com/index.asp?show=news&action=readStory&storyID=21056&pageID=24

Coordinator of BED’s Smart Grid Project: No energy or money savings for ratepayers

by Angela Chagnon            JUNE 24, 2011

Ken Nolan, the Coordinator of Burlington Electric’s portion of the Smart Grid Project, admitted Thursday that ratepayers will not see energy savings or lower rates under the new grid/meter system.

“We have been very careful not to tell customers that they’re going to save energy from this technology,” said Nolan, who is also BED’s Manager of Power Resources.

The press conference, held on June 23rd at BED’s location on Pine Street, was an attempt to address concerns about the Smart Grid/Smart Meter (SG/SM) project that Burlington residents voiced to BED during last week’s “open house” event (see previous story here.) Voters will decide whether to approve a bond to pay for the new system on June 28th.

full article – http://truenorthreports.com/coordinator-of-beds-smart-grid-project-no-energy-or-money-savings-for-ratepayers

(end of excerpt)

VT4Evolution comment – One of the many dubious claims in this video is: The Department of Energy will pay for Half of the Smart Grid Upgrade.

(US) Title XIII of EISA –


(a) MATCHING FUND.—The Secretary shall establish a Smart Grid Investment Matching Grant Program to provide reimbursement of one-fifth (20 percent) of qualifying Smart Grid investments.

Smart Grid is a Money Saver?

Sample letter to tell the VT Public Service Board You don’t want Smart Meters – you can also access the letter from our “Human Rights and More” page.

Ethic Love Solidarity Selflessness Sensitivity Generosity Humility Human

We are the World and the Earth is our Inheritance! Heritage is now a Vestige the Soils to the Seas. The Guardians are the Hearts of the Awakened. Equality an Sovereignty are the Law Original, Corner Stone of each One, inter-dependent as each stone in a finished Arch. As the sandy shores of value recede the fertility of our minds re-seed with the Intention of our Interconnectivity.

The Whole is Beyond the sum of its parts, meaning: inanimate temporal material isn’t everything. Beyond material is what we perceive as Consciousness, Animation – Latin: animatio -onis f. [animating]; hence , [a living being].

It is the Respect for the “Other” that is the Recognition and Demonstration of this Principle. It is the way of the Earth Order. Those who break such Law loose their place, to be replaced by the Vestige of which I speak, the Remnant One Remunerated by the Majesty of Principle.

The answers to all Global Drama-Trauma is Healing, seeing the One Heart Goodness. Numerology used for exclusive benefit is a transgression of this Goodness which is Principle Law.

Ethic Love Solidarity Selflessness Sensitivity Generosity Humility Human PEACE

Smart Meters Forced on the Public – CA

JUNE 22, 2011

The County of Santa Cruz, as well as the Cities of Capitola, and Watsonville have adopted urgency ordinances prohibiting the installation of wireless “smart” meters within their jurisdictions.  Forty-three local governments throughout the state have formally demanded a halt to the program because of concerns about health, privacy, accuracy, and fire safety…  A showdown is looming between PG&E- who says they plan to disregard local government laws and force smart meters onto people’s homes, and local elected officials who are intent upon upholding the law and protecting the public.

Hart’s arrest follows another arrest on Saturday of San Francisco resident Amy O’Hair for blocking Wellington Energy installation trucks in her Glen Park neighborhood. 

Full story – http://nosmartmeters.blogspot.com/2011/06/stop-smart-meters-director-arrested-in.html


Excerpt from Amy O’hair’s arrest:

It all started with a Russian immigrant man, coming down to the entryway of his
apartment building to see what the crazy woman was yelling about on a lovely Saturday
morning. When he found an installer from Wellington, contracted by PG&E, had put a “smart” meter on his building without prior notice, and without anyone asking whether he wanted it, he said flatly

“This is communism. I want it off.” The Wellington installer

full story – http://stopsmartmeters.org/2011/06/22/my-neighborhood-why-i-was-arrested/

Video of Joshua Heart’s Arrest


BRATTLEBORO, Vt. — While too many of our leaders in Washington pretend that global warming, peak oil and the growing numbers of the hungry in our nation are just figments of the liberal imagination, I recently got a glimpse of a project that, when fully operational, will take care of all three problems and provide jobs in the process.

How? A Vermont company called Carbon Harvest Energy is running a 250-kilowatt generator that takes methane gas from the former Windham Solid Waste Management District landfill in Brattleboro and turns it into electricity. A local utility is buying the electricity made at the site, which it estimates is enough to power 300 homes.

Landfill gas is the natural by-product of the decomposition of solid waste in landfills and is comprised primarily of methane – a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, municipal solid waste landfills are the second largest human-generated source of methane emissions in the United States.

A project like this one not only prevents emissions of methane, but uses these gases to produce energy and other by-products. But turning a dangerous gas produced by landfills into energy is only the beginning of what is planned for what Carbon Harvest calls the Brattleboro Renewable Energy and Sustainable Agriculture Project.

When finished in the next year or so, the waste heat from the generator will be used to heat a 20,000-square-foot greenhouse and aquaculture facility that will grow 100 tons of organic vegetables and raise 25 tons of fish year-round for local markets and the Vermont Foodbank, which supplies food for the shelves of soup kitchens around the state.

A commercial-scale algae farm is also planned for developing other products, including biofuels, a sustainable fish-feed replacement and nutraceutical applications. The facility will also serve as a green technology research center to be used by

link – http://www.greenerliving.co.za/turning-waste-into-energy-in-vermont/link

VPR on the same topic –

Candy Page on turning food waste into energy