• The Local Movement Compromised

It has been proven to me, we live in a world where White can mean Black and 2+2 can equal 5. Think Global act Local… Sounds positive. Is it?

Who is ICLEI? International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives What do they do? They are an NGO that specializes in regional “sustainable development” helping local governments and town councils implement Agenda 21. If you don’t know what The Agenda for the 21st Century is, I would advise you to look into it. It is an all-encompassing UN Action Plan (1992). Under chapter 27 section 6+8 they purpose to give power to NGOs in ALL levels of policy making in order to implement this plan of “sustainable development”. The other way these policies are being implemented is through municipal “visioning” (link below).  Another part of this big plan is in the UN Global Biodiversity Assessment Report.  (resource links bellow)

I am not getting into all that this action plan does, it is basically a Global plan implemented on a Local level by “Non Government” fronts, who implement UN Policies that take control of our representative government and put it into the hands of regional, non-elected boards. You can guess who these boards are working for and what their goals are. If you don’t think they could pull this off, open your eyes, A. 21 already has deep roots in all aspects of our society across the country.

Our educational system has been deeply infiltrated, from grammar school to high school the children are being taught to “think Global”, Universities are spitting out “sustainable Development” activists. Some 550 communities across the US are ICLEI member and pay dues to them and are required to follow the ICLEI charter. The Obama admin. just pushed to make Millions of undeveloped acreage into protected fed. lands (which is the beginning of the “wild-lands” of Agenda 21). Senate Bill 787 the Clean Water Act puts our water under fed. control. Canada just passed Bill C 36, which is compared to our patriots act. Don’t think it is in VT?

Think again… we have three community members of ICLEI; Burlington, S. Burlington and Brattleboro. Look at the title of Vermont’s Law School’s Initiative for the Environment, RECALIBRATING THE LAW OF HUMANS WITH THE LAWS OF NATURE….Sounds harmless enough? When you realize the implications of giving Nature superior rights over humans, you wont think so.

Agenda 21’s “smart growth communities” and “wildlands” plan, separates man from nature so he wont endanger it; i.e Nature has rights over man. Sounds ludicrous I know.

This just posted on Vt Digger: 46 municipalities to receive $417,660 for planning as part of Vermont’s “smart growth strategy.” Smart Growth Vermont has a nice web site and it all “sounds” great. Is it just coincidence they use the same terminology as the UN’s A.21 plan, have the same principals and are located in a ICLEI member community? If they are following A.21 Smart Growth why is there no reference on the web site? There are many such “NGOs” using the language and the objectives of A.21 as well as VT’s own municipal and regional planning and development statutes.

Are we selling our sovereignty because our federal reserve notes have been stolen, and this is the remedy the thieves have offered?

I AM ALL FOR LOCAL, ORGANIC, CONSERVATION, ECOLOGY AND ALL THAT JAZZ! Don’t get me wrong… It is just the fact that 2+2=5. Some towns have had enough of ICLEI and are taking action. Spokane, WA is one of them, they drafted a municipal code to be able to sever ties with ICLEI and an amendment to the city charter. I will quote one section of the code,

“WHEREAS, the people of the City of Spokane wish to see the Constitution and its Republican form of government upheld, along with the natural rights of each and every American to the unencumbered fruits of their labor, it is necessary to sever all ties with ICLEI, the United Nations, or any other entity that wishes to work against the Constitution and natural rights of the people of the United States of America.”

A big goal of A.21 is to abolish private property, remember they use a slow phased programming so it will be excepted with little objection!… Do some research, figure it out for yourself and then take action, we need all hands on deck! Any group claiming “local action” is to be examined, we need to understand their origins, ties, the plans they are following and specifically the MONEY trail! Now is the perfect time for ICLEI to come in…(*guess I spoke to soon) Do you think our towns and elected officials are looking for funding during the recession? ICLEI will come into help, they aren’t the only NGO’s doing this either. They start with the lowest levels of governance, this is their cloak. Remember this is a Word-Smithing Game, It all sound so great; sustainable, green, bio-diversity, local, etc etc etc. Put on your goggles of humility, don’t assume 2+2=4. Spread the word.

In Solidarity, Simha

I did a lot of reading of the original documents for this piece, which I recommend. I will leave you with just two links on the same site. their home page that is the best data base, with relevant documents and information (+Videos), that I could find, and their ICLEI Primer page…


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