VT Government’s Public Forum on Energy Plan

MONTPELIER – Gov. Peter Shumlin announced today the launch of http://www.vtenergyplan.vermont.gov/comment/public_comment a website that will serve as a one-stop source of information related to the state’s Comprehensive Energy Plan. That Plan, due Oct. 15, is under development by the Department of Public Service, in collaboration with other State agencies, stakeholders and the public. Through the website, the public will be able to follow developments and share their ideas through an online comment form.

(link added – http://www.vtenergyplan.vermont.gov/comment/public_comment)

“The active participation of Vermonters is essential in determining our energy needs and preferences moving forward,” Gov. Shumlin said. “Using this one-stop format to receive information from the public and keep Vermonters involved will help us identify and implement solutions to meeting our energy needs.”…

full article – http://vtdigger.org/2011/06/20/gov-shumlin-announces-launch-of-energy-plan-website/

I tried out the Public Comment form, here is my “essential participation to determine public preferences in moving Vermont foreword”:

My concern is with the use of Radio Frequency Smart Meters in Vermont implementation of the much needed Grid upgrade. The World Health Organization recently rescheduled Radio Frequency Technology as possibly carcinogenic (WHO RF Press Release), and here we are ready to roll out RF Meters as a part of the upgrade in the name of efficiency. RF Meters are NOT essential to our much needed grid upgrade, the science proving RF meters are safe is incomplete. The Health of Vermonters should be a higher priority than efficiency.

FCC safety standards that are supposed to regulate RF meters were NOT designed to regulate this technology. The FCC “Safety Standards” Regulate the THERMAL effects of exposure to Radio Frequency and Microwaves. The other dangers are classified as NON-THERMAL which are NOT regulated.

Here is the link to a letter from the EPA explaining the FCC’s regulation limitations http://www.emrpolicy.org/litigation/case_law/docs/noi_e

An independent report of RF and Microwave exposure from Smart meters has documented that when Smart Meters are grouped they can even exceed these limited FCC regulations – The Sage Reports – http://sagereports.com/smart-meter-rf/

This upgrade is a serious undertaking and very expensive, we better make sure it is safe! The White house recently released  A POLICY FRAMEWORK FOR THE 21st CENTURY GRID: Enabling Our Secure Energy Future – where it states that the Smart Grid will save consumers money and $4.5 Billion of Federal funds has been allocated to the initiative, yet Title XIII of EISA states that the Federal funding will only cover 20% of investments that “qualify” as Smart grid investments. Lets make sure Smart Meters are safe before jumping into this costly investment.

It will be interesting to see if they choose to publish the public input on this web-page or if it is for “admin only” thing. I recommend if any of you live in Vermont and have concerns about RF “Smart Meters” that you voice you concerns to your reps. the Governor and to this new Public Forum.

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