Anais Mitchell on VT’s Farm to School Program

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Singer, songwriter, Anais Mitchell, visits the Vermont Public Radio studio in Colchester, Vermont on September 26, 2012, for a live performance and interview on VPR’s Vermont Edition. Anais Speaks of her Barn Storming tour, her partnership with the Vermont Community Foundation and their efforts to support Vermont’s Farm to table programs.

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Will Social Networks Set Local Food Free?

occupy wall street

      As we have seen the Foods Sovereignty movement of  La Via Campesina has recently spread across the States. The emergence of this “peasant movement” in the “First World” is do to the Global economic depression and the crack down on small local farmers in the name of Food Security.

I was just introduced to an online network that could revolutionize the Food Sovereignty movement, it is called Community Share Association. The Community Share Association “is a private association of American citizens who have chosen to reclaim our constitutional right to be legally liable and 100% responsible for the choices we make, most specifically with regards to food, medicine & health care.

As members, we reclaim our right to determine for ourselves whether any food, medicine or professional service is safe and effective for us and in so doing we alleviate all state & federal government from being liable for our safety. We do this most specifically to restore our protected right to buy and sell our homegrown & homemade food and medicine to and from other members of our association.

Community Share Association will become a huge movement empowering those individuals and communities who choose to become members to use their private land and homes to produce more food, to make delicious food products, as well as safe, effective herbal medicines and have access to a thriving marketplace where they can legally sell these products to other members.”

The legality is explained in the about section, to be a member costs a mere $10  a year. I am not a member yet so I can’t give any more specifics, but this looks like it could become the facebook of the local food movement. If anyone is a member of this network I would love to hear about your experience.

A few other recent happenings on the food sovereignty front: Occupy Wall Street started the initiative – Occupy The Food Supply

Interestingly enough even the USDA recently released a guide on Regional Food Hubs stating “The guide is a collection of information, resources and background on everything needed to develop or participate in a regional food hub.” The National Good Food Network also has a page for local food hubs.

Power to the hands that are caring for their local soils and the health of their communities!

FDA and Codex in the US of A

Big Pharma, Codex and the FDA don’t want healthy citizens that have a strong immune system because then their multi-billion dollar industry of chemicals would be obsolete.  They are taking the steps to make Dietary Supplements unaffordable to produce and obtainable only with a prescription. The idea has been in place a long time and they move very slowly to not attract any attention. If you like boosting your diet with super-foods, immune enhancers or like using alternative natural medicines you might want to check the following link. This is also a call for everyone to get there hands in the soil and produce their own herbs and develope a relationship with the plant Queendom.

and sign this petition –

More info and action links –

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Water in the Age of Aquarius

Can anyone really own water? There’s a 400 billion $ of global business made by corporations out of the blue gold every year.

Watch the full documentary –


It is THE issue BIG Industries and their complicit regulators don’t want you to even consider as an issue. The UN declared access to clean water a human right last year… The US didn’t and doesn’t agree.

  • UN News – 28 July 2010 –

“Safe and clean drinking water and sanitation is a human right essential to the full enjoyment of life and all other human rights, the General Assembly declared today, voicing deep concern that almost 900 million people worldwide do not have access to clean water… The Assembly resolution received 122 votes in favour and zero votes against, while 41 countries abstained from voting.”

Full article –

The US was one of the 41 absentee votes. article elaborating excerpt –

U.S. diplomat John Sammis told the General Assembly that the resolution “describes a right to water and sanitation in a way that is not reflective of existing international law.”

VT4Evolution response – Isn’t that the point? To declare it a human right and start the process of establishing it as international law?

A few recent articles on the Water Issues –

Bacteria levels in Lake Champlain are within safe limits for swimming, state officials said Friday.

Concerns over possible contamination from flooded sewer systems and manure runoff from farms prompted testing of popular swimming sites during the past two weeks by the departments of Health and Environmental Conservation and Vermont State Parks.

one reader commented: I’m having a hard time understanding that with all the rain water that we have had in the past month that the beaches are safe to use when in a normal year the beaches seem to open and close periodically because all the bacteria levels are so high. The amount of runoff has to be staggering from all the farms, roads, sewers,and parking lots. Is the system flawed, are we being told the truth about the numbers?

I still haven’t seen any report on the sewage spill that the City of Burlington did in the end of April or the beginning of May( 3,500,000 gallons) What has happened to the almighty EPA or the State enviromentalists? How come they haven’t been held accountable looking into this? Seems that if an individual or a company did this dasterly deed they would be on the doorstep the next day with a hefty fine and asking what will be done to cleaned it up.

WHITING — When Gov. Peter Shumlin issued a surprise veto of a bill that would require all new residential wells be tested for a variety of toxic elements, he said he wanted to avoid levying a mandate on Vermonters.

He said most Vermonters’ water was as clean as could be….

It would take months for his frantic family to piece together that it was the water he was drinking at his grandparents’ Whiting home that had done this to him. That crisp, clear water contained arsenic…

Vermont cities and towns are struggling to overhaul their aging water systems, and the state says almost every one of them needs some kind of upgrade.

In Rutland, for example, most of the drinking water pipes were installed before 1900. Now those pipes are in desperate need of repair because they’ve failed repeatedly.

But as VPR’s Kirk Carapezza reports, repairs are an expensive proposition…

Rutland has more than 30 miles of underground pipes. Many were installed before the Civil War

Earlier this year, I was contacted by a PR firm working for Dow Chemical to contribute a 60-second video for The Future We Create virtual conference on water sustainability the company launches today. As a vocal advocate for strict regulation of toxic chemicals—especially for food and farming—I was surprised the company would approach me. Dow is the country’s largest chemical maker, and profits handsomely from developing some of the world’s most polluting products, many of which are widely used in industrial and consumer goods as well as agriculture.

In the video I submitted, which you can watch below, I stress that one of the greatest threats to clean water is chemical contaminants—and that Dow Chemical has a long history of water pollution. The PR representative e-mailed to say “unfortunately we can’t use your video,” but that she would be happy to include me, still, if I would consider re-recording it. When we discussed what that would mean she said, no “fingerpointing;” they wanted a “positive, inclusive discussion.”

We started hearing about water wars in 2002 with the notorious case of the conflict in Cochabamba, Bolivia where a scheme to privatize water distribution backfired dramatically and perfectly illustrated everything that seems wrong with globalization: a semi-peripheral government in debt, the World Bank steps in and demands privatization of everything, only one very large transnational corporation steps up and gets a sweet deal (low price, 16% guaranteed profit, ownership of private wells), reduces service and enormously raises prices on water. Activists and indigenous people fight back. The government represses.

Well, it appears that Italy is having a referendum today on the possible privatization of water (on top of voting to getting back to nuclear power and giving Berlusconi more immunity).

Italy is not the only place where water is at issue. The Patagonia region of Chile is also facing unrest and government repression over the possible construction of hydro-electric power plants.

There is a system currently working on providing water to the people from our own water source and thus tries to make crores of rupees profit in our state, even without the knowledge of the people’s representatives, said Dr. Kshithiz Uras from Action Aid Company, Bangalore. He was speaking on a debate held on the advantages and disadvantages of water privatization, organized at Kundapura Purasabhe new Community Bhavana.

With a slogan 24×7, a American team of water trading company namely U.S. Water Trade Mission, is looking to capture our country’s water with a expectation of 50 Billion dollars profit in the next 5 years. As per them, 24×7 means 8 hours and this company will be benefitting 2.50 lakhs crores from our state. United Nations instigated this business and pressurizing that if the financial help is required from the World Bank then these rules have to be complied.

Groups Ask Congress to Save Bats from Lethal Disease

(Beyond Pesticides, June 6, 2011) A broad coalition of conservation, organic-agriculture, anti-pesticide and food-safety groups, including Beyond Pesticides, are calling on Congress to stop the spread of the bat-killing disease which has wiped out more than one million bats, threatening six different species. The letter, sent June 1, 2011, urges Congress to appropriate funds for research and management of white-nose syndrome….

Insect-eating bats play an important economic role in agriculture and timber production. Astudy published earlier this year in the journal Science found that the value of bats’ pest-control services to agricultural operations in the United States ranges from $3.7 billion to $53 billion per year…

Earlier this spring, Sen. Lautenberg and Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) proposed an appropriation of $10.8 million in 2012 for white-nose syndrome research, coordination and management…

“Adequate funding for research is desperately needed to give scientists the best shot at finding a cure,” says Ms. Matteson. “Meanwhile, federal and state wildlife agencies need funding help also, so they aren’t shifting scarce monies away from other important wildlife issues just to barely keep up with this fast-moving epidemic.” Other groups that signed on include Californians for Alternatives to Toxics, Center for Food Safety, Local Harvest, Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society, Northeast Organic Farming Association—Connecticut, Northeast Organic Farming Association—Vermont, Organic Consumers Association, Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association, and TEDX (The Endocrine Disruption Exchange). To learn more about bats and white-nose syndrome go to

Source: Center for Biological Diversity Press Release


Full article –

Three arrested, accused of illegally feeding homeless

Members of Orlando Food Not Bombs were arrested Wednesday (6/1/11) when police said they violated a city ordinance by feeding the homeless in Lake Eola Park.

Jessica Cross, 24, Benjamin Markeson, 49, and Jonathan “Keith” McHenry, 54, were arrested at 6:10 p.m. on a charge of violating the ordinance restricting group feedings in public parks. McHenry is a co-founder of the international Food Not Bombs movement, which began in the early 1980s.

The group lost a court battle in April, clearing the way for the city to enforce the ordinance. It requires groups to obtain a permit and limits each group to two permits per year for each park within a 2-mile radius of City Hall.

Arrest papers state that Cross, Markeson and McHenry helped feed 40 people Wednesday night. The ordinance applies to feedings of more than 25 people.

“They intentionally violated the statute,” said Lt. Barbara Jones, an Orlando police spokeswoman.

link to text and another video,0,7226362.story

Florida police arrest activist for feeding homeless

MIAMI | Thu Apr 5, 2007 2:12pm EDT

(Reuters) – Police in Florida have arrested an activist for feeding the homeless in downtown Orlando.

Eric Montanez, 21, of the charity group Food Not Bombs, was charged with violating a controversial law against feeding large groups of destitute people in the city center, police said on Thursday.

Montanez was filmed by undercover officers on Wednesday as he served “30 unidentified persons food from a large pot utilizing a ladle,” according to an arrest affidavit. The Orlando area is home to Disney World and Universal Studios Florida.

The Orlando law, which is supported by local business owners who say the homeless drive away customers but has been challenged in court by civil rights groups, allows charities to feed more than 25 people at a time within two miles of Orlando city hall only if they have a special permit. They can get two permits a year.

Police collected a vial of the stew Montanez was serving as evidence.

Police spokeswoman Barbara Jones said in an e-mail it was the first time anyone had been arrested under the feeding ban.

Montanez was charged with a misdemeanor.

link –

Canadian scientists finding toxin from GMO crops in human blood samples

“(NaturalNews) The biotechnology industry’s house of cards appears to be crumbling, as a new study out of the University of Sherbrooke, Canada, recently found Bt toxin, a component of certain genetically-modified (GM) crops, in human blood samples for the first time.

Set to be published in the peer-reviewed journal Reproductive Toxicology the new study shreds the false notion that Bt is broken down by the digestive system, and instead shows that the toxin definitively persists in the bloodstream.

Industry mouthpieces have long alleged that Bt toxin, which is derived from a soil bacterium known as Bacillus thuringiensis, is harmless to humans. The built-in pesticide has been integrated into certain GM crops to ward off pests. Bt corn, for instance, has actually been designed to produce the toxin directly inside its kernels, which are later eaten by both livestock and humans (…).

In the recent study, researchers Aziz Aris and Samuel Leblanc evaluated 30 pregnant women and 39 non-pregnant women who had come to the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke (CHUS) in Quebec, Can., for a tubectomy. Upon taking blood samples, researchers detected the Bt Cry1Ab toxin in a shocking 93 percent of maternal and 80 percent of fetal blood samples. And 69 percent of non-pregnant women tested positive for the toxin in their blood….”

Learn more:

And on the same topic from the Eat Drink Better blog “Toxin from GM crops found in human blood”:

“When you let the GMO industry police itself and evaluate the safety of its own products, you are bound to get something different than if you had (or let) independent scientists do so. I’ve covered the scientific limitations of GMO studies commissioned or conducted by the GMO industry before, as well as 13 scientific studies that have identified a link between GMOs and organ disruption. News is out now that may be even more disturbing.

“Fresh doubts have arisen about the safety of genetically modified crops, with a new study reporting presence of Bt toxin, used widely in GM crops, in human blood for the first time,” India Today recently reported.

Above composition From: the Bovine Blog

roughly 200,000 India Farmers that were relying on chemicals or GMO seeds  + Chemicals have committed suicide – The Industrial Chemical Agriculture Revolution in India was dubbed “The Green Revolution”… Sound familiar?

(NaturalNews) Foundational changes that have taken place in the agriculture sector of India have led to a epidemic of farmer suicides over the past 16 years, according to a new report. Released by the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at New York University’s (NYU) Law School, the report explains that, on average, one Indian farmer commits suicide every 30 minutes in response to the devastation caused by the effects of globalization on agriculture, and genetically-modified organisms (GMO) in particular.

The report, entitled, “Every Thirty Minutes: Farmer Suicides, Human Rights and the Agrarian Crisis in India,” (…) explains that Indian policy has stripped many farmers of their livelihoods by greatly decreasing the value of their crops. Combined with the introduction of GM crops that trap farmers into an endless cycle of debt without providing any substantial benefits, and you end up with a society marked by despair, hopelessness, and an increase in suicides.

a Must Watch POSITIVE movie on this subject –

possibly related article –

UVM Researcher Studies Causes Of Pre-eclampsia

Monday, 06/06/11

A researcher at the University of Vermont is trying to figure out why 5 to 10 percent of previously healthy women develop high blood pressure during the second half of pregnancy, leading to a dangerous condition known as pre-eclampsia that can be life-threatening for both the mother and her baby.

Right now, the only way to treat pre-eclampsia is to deliver the infant, which results in premature and low birth-weight babies.

University of Vermont researcher Dr. Ira Bernstein is conducting studies to solve the long-standing mystery as to exactly what causes pre-eclampsia, but he says the indicators for the disease are clear.

link –

World Health Organization Reschedules RF (wireless) is “Possibly” Dangerous!

World Health Organization – PRESS RELEASE N° 208 – May 31, 2011


Lyon, France, May 31, 2011 ‐‐ The WHO/International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer1, associated with wireless phone use.


Over the last few years, there has been mounting concern about the possibility of adverse health effects resulting from exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, such as those emitted by wireless communication devices. The number of mobile phone subscriptions is estimated at 5 billion globally…


Dr Jonathan Samet (University of Southern California, USA), overall Chairman of the Working Group, indicated that “the evidence, while still accumulating, is strong enough to support a conclusion and the 2B classification. The conclusion means that there could be some risk, and therefore we need to keep a close watch for a link between cell phones and cancer risk.” …

read the full report – WHO RF Press Release

PG&E, the Smart Meter Corp. in this video stated that World Health Organization (WHO) has found that RF is safe. This reference to the WHO findings has been used by RF industry to “prove” RF tech is safe. Today WHO reversed its position!


World Health Organization Declares Wireless a Cancer Risk- Mesh Network Must be Deactivated to Protect Human Health

To date, a total of 42 local jurisdictions have demanded that the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) halt further installation because of widespread reports of health impacts and other concerns…

Aside from cancer risks, wireless meters have been widely reported to cause headaches, dizziness, ringing in the ears- even memory loss and heart palpitations among susceptible individuals due to the constant bursts of microwave radiation.  The movement against wireless meters is the sharp end of a growing movement demanding health-based standards for wireless technology…

full article – stopsmartmeters

Call Governor Shumlin and tell him WHO now considers there is danger in RF tech. If you want him to reverse is stance on S.78 to exclude Smart Meters from the bill until there has been a moratorium to prove there is no health risk, tell him! Here is a sample letter you can use with the basic information (link)

Phone: 802 828-3333
TTY: 800 649-6825
Fax: 802 828-3339

Letter from Former Employee of Northeast Kingdom Human Services

Dear Senator Kitchel,

I am writing to you about my outrage at the misuse of funding at Northeast Kingdom Human Services…in particular the program “Safe Choices”.  All that program is to NKHS is a cash cow and a legal way to abuse people who have had their rights stripped from them… and they are mentally impaired so they have no way to fight back.  They are so programmed by the staff at Lowell house and Roy Mountain House that many of them feel that this is all they deserve in life.  These people (clients) are bringing in a lot of tax dollars to line the pockets of the directors, assistant directors, therapists and supervisors (who already make MORE than a living wage) at NKHS and (OF COURSE) NKHS wants to keep them there.  The more the clients are abused, the more afraid to speak out against the program they become and the more secure NKHS staff is about their income in these troubled times.

Imagine being born with a disability.  It makes life a struggle from day one!  Friends, family and freedom is something that we all take for granted but when one’s life is shrouded in a disability most people never look past that diagnosis to the person living inside.  Many parents throw their hands in the air and let “the system” take over…or other parents have their children ripped away because someone in “the system” saw another big Medicaid waiver waiting to happen.  Medicaid waivers ARE, after all, what keeps people in  jobs.

My grandson is three years old and he has autism.  He has the face of a cherub and a head surrounded by blonde curls. He also has a lot of socially inappropriate behaviors and we are faced with the daily task of teaching him what is right and what needs to change.  Because he is cute a lot of actions are excused by the public and even by family.  “That’s Rowan!” has been even my explaination for taking apart my flashlight or spitting on the floor and stomping in it, or taking his diaper off or unplugging the TV while we are watching it when his brother and sister are expected not to do these things.  As he matures his behaviors will become less and less those of a cute little boy and harder and harder to control.  His mother will need a lot of help from Human Services agencies.   WHAT IF…when he arrives at puberty and he is faced with an entirely new (and natural) change in his body…we don’t get the time to teach him what is and is not OK?  What if something comes to the attention of an agency my daughter went to for help and HE becomes a cash cow?

What about your own family?  I know that I never anticipated having a disabled grandchild…it never crossed my mind.  I have hopes and dreams for my family and I am sure you do for yours.  Please consider that could be me” and take a good hard look at the agency serving your area.  I have guardianship of a woman who was a client of NKHS and she was beaten down, threatened and abused by that agency and she didn’t know how to fight back.  She asked me to be her guardian and fight for her.  NKHS accused me of “sneaking that one in under the door”.  They broke the law more than once in the way she was treated and then were shocked when I transferred her services to Sterling Area Services.  I knew her rights and mine as a guardian but had I not, she would still be one of their puppets.  I was lucky…she was lucky.  Most people with a family member or ward don’t even know their rights and NKHS does NOTHING to educate them on this matter.

I have read the blog by Tracy Gilman, and I am appalled by the stories of abuse there.  They are all true and documented by the very agency she is fighting.  I have worked for NKHS and I have seen firsthand the way they treat the clients who bring in the big waivers.  They deliberately keep them in a crisis state to generate more money for themselves.  This is not JUST the Safe Choices clients.  I encourage you…no I am asking you… to take a look at NKHS and the ways they use the monies given to them for providing “services”.  Look at their “CADRE” billing.  Is it possible that every weekend a client is in crisis and the same people are paid (over and over) an additional $18.00 to $22.00 per hour to watch them?  Why do these clients rarely have a crisis during the week when staff are doing other things and don’t have time built into their days to supplement their salaries?

Look at the life of the safe choices clients and imagine trying to live it?  Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week they are antagonized and made to feel like the dirt of the universe.  I would go crazy if I had a loved one in that program.  It is “arms length” supervision.  Some of these people have not been touched in years.  What must that be like?  Babies DIE if they aren’t held.  The staff is creating a death of the soul in these already vulnerable people who would be at enough of a disadvantage if this had never happened in their lives.  Prisons don’t even treat people like that.   Please help them…and save the state a LOT of tax dollars.  Shutting down Safe Choices and installing the VERY small handful of people who really DO need such a program in a place where they will be treated humanely would be a good start.


Jeannie Ayer

Voter and taxpayer.

Link –

Vermont Abusing the “Developmentally Disabled”?

The ObamaCare tax on your existence

McClaughry: The ObamaCare tax on your existence

ObamaCare mandates that by 2014 almost every American must prove to the IRS
that he or she is enrolled in a government-approved health plan. Absent that
proof, the IRS will hound the luckless citizen for a "penalty" of 2.5 percent of
his or her income (by 2016), or $695 a year, whichever is greater.

Evslin: The end of the age of incentives

Whether you think government incentives are essential to guiding private
choices, think that they are a complete waste of time and often misguided, or
are somewhere in the middle, it’s time to consider life with less incentives.
Without government incentives, people and businesses are probably just going to
do what makes economic sense to them. That won’t be all bad.

The Vermont Resolution for Food Sovereignty

Get involved in Vermont’s Food Sovereignty Movement here are 3 links to help you on your way.

VT Coalition of Food Sovereignty

VT Food Sovereignty Forum

The Vermont Resolution for Food Sovereignty.