Burlington is “Smart”???

Burlington’s Smart Grid Voters Approved the Bond Vote on June 28th which will fund “half” of the $13.5 million “upgrade” to the city’s electrical system. Out of the 10’s of thousands of “should-be” Burlington voters, about 3000 decided to vote. The “win” was anything but a land slide – 1,808 yeas to 1,176, nays. Ward 7 was the only sector of Burlington voters who came out in numbers opposing the measure 387-264. Many of the working class people still don’t know what a Smart Meter is, they will come home from work one day to a brand new sparkly radiating “Smart” meter, no need to ask the residents, the vote has been WON!

As in other cities around the country Smart Meters will be forced on the public. Public service commissioner Elizabeth Miller has said Vermont will implement an Opt-Out policy, details are yet to be revealed. Most likely it will be a “Pay to Opt-Out” policy as they have done in California. It seems that the Smart Grid’s motto is: “Your either with us or your against us.”

It is impressive that Radio Frequency Smart Meters have just been classified as possibly cancer causing by The World Health Organization, and here we are ready to amp-up our already high exposure to more Radio Frequency Microwaves.

As I have stated in my Sample Letter to VT Public Service Board, even if people choose to opt-out, like the 1,176 voters who voted against this bond, they still will not be able to avoid RF meter exposure. Many people live in apartment building where the meters are grouped together at the entry ways, in such scenarios these RF meters have even been documented by the Sage Reports to exceed FCC regulations. These people who don’t wish to expose themselves to the radio & microwaves from RF meters will also be exposed to this radiation in the workplace and in public places.

Contact your representative and the VT Public Service Board, use the sample letter above as a template if you like. New Technology that doesn’t have regulations specifically made for it, needs a moratorium. FCC regulations were set up to regulate THERMAL exposure of wireless tech and nothing more. “They” once thought that X-Rays were safe too… This could be one of the biggest mistakes of “Modern Civilized Society” I guess it will be an experiment “we” will test on ourselves.


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