The 5G Agenda Revealed

I don’t like the title of this documentary because I am not a fan of fear porn. Unfortunately it is an appropriate title. This documentary brings together all the research from top industry professionals and political revelations from the most recent government meetings and hearings. This reveals that #5G is not only a threat to present generations as far as health and privacy concerns but also very clearly a threat to the existence of future generations, as it affects fertility. Please watch this, pass it on to others, connect with EMF Safety For VT of Facebook and bring your concerns to VT officials


5g Microwave cell towers to be installed every 500 feet?

Dr. Sharon Goldberg testifies on 2017 Senate Bill 637: Cap allowable fees for ‘small cell wireless’ systems about the dangerous biological affects of electromagnetic radiation.

Smart Grid On “Track” VT

Excerpt from : Smart meters will allow Vermonters to track electrical use

By HOWARD WEISS-TISMAN                            July 21, 2011

BRATTLEBORO — Some Windham County home and business owners could see the first smart meters by the end of the year, after the state announced a new agreement with Vermont’s largest utilities Wednesday…

The new meters transmit information from the homes and businesses to the electric companies over a wireless broadband connection, and will eventually allow users to see how much electricity they are consuming, and when that power could possibly be purchased at a reduced rate.

“The real promise of smart grid for Vermonters is to reduce peak demand on our electrical distribution system by giving consumers the information they need to change electric use patterns, integrating clean renewable power generation, and eventually supporting the adoption of electric vehicles,” Gov. Peter Shumlin said after announcing the new deal….

GMP Spokeswoman Dorothy Schnure said the company would contact homeowners and businesses before installing the new meters.

The installation of the new meters is the first step in connecting all GMP and CVPS customers to the advanced technology…

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VT For Evolution Responds –

This article doesn’t mention the “opt-out” policy, public service commissioner Elizabeth Miller said the state would implement, it just says they will contact you before they install it…??? If it is like California you will PAY to opt-out…

What is clear in this and the rest of the VT Smart Meter articles, is that the only way Smart Grid will save energy is by offering consumers information to change their behavior… Do we really need a Smart grid to tell us when people use the most energy… The peak time of energy consumption for residential during the week is morning and evening, weekends and holidays in the middle of the day… No?

The way they are selling this technology is simply by offering reduced rates on non-peak usage hours. Which they could do with out Smart Meters. So, now you will be doing your laundry at 2:00 am to save 50¢… I doubt it. We are a people of habit, and tight schedules. To say this is a “sustainable” solution to reduce our use of out-of-state dirty coal electricity is a far reach. As far as using renewable energy technology and electric cars, Smart Meters have nothing to offer other than a data interface.

The article also says, “Schnure stressed that the smart meters do not give the companies any additional information on what appliances are using the power.”

Watch – The Dark Side of ‘Smart’ Meters 

It isn’t that smart grid tells you outright what appliances are used, but each appliance leaves a signature usage in the data that can be identified. I have heard that many new appliances already have Radio Frequency technology built into them and will communicate with the smart meters, I guess they are called smart appliances. Whether or not it is something you could buy and not know it, isn’t clear to me.

I could care less about the utility company seeing what appliance I am using, but if they sell that information to big corporations to turn a buck I do. More important to me is that RF tech has been rescheduled as possibly cancer causing.

Let just hope Vermont at the very least comes out with a FREE opt-out for those who wish to keep their analogue meters.

Wireless Smart Meter Protest Rally B.C.

Protest Rally – Saturday, July 9, 2011 Salt Spring Island B.C. Canada apposing Smart Meters. British Colombia is in the middle of the smart meter rollout, Lockheed Martin is among the corporations that are invested in this “upgrade” as in Vermont. Use our Letter to tell the VT Public Service board you don’t want a smart meter.


Burlington Voters Approve Smart Grid/Smart Meter Bond

by Angela Chagnon                         July 6

After Burlington’s special election results revealed that the Burlington Electric Department’s $13.5 million bond request had been approved 1,808 to 1,176, the Burlington Free Press ran a story describing the celebratory mood of the measure’s supporters.

“When news of Burlington’s approval of a smart-grid bond vote reached Church Street on Tuesday night, a gathering of supporters raised glasses, tucked away calculators and eased more comfortably into cafe seats. …. Burlington Electric Department General Manager Barbara Grimes said the victory justified the 108-year-old utility’s first-ever post-bond-vote party. A dozen or so scattered supporters heartily agreed.

Scott Moody, a Burlington Electric board commissioner, kept it simple: “This is a victory for the ratepayers of Burlington.”

Past bond items for BED have been General Obligation Bonds, which require a ⅔ majority vote to pass. This time, BED managed to get a Revenue Bond on the ballot that only required a simple majority vote.

While BED parties it up, some ratepayers in Burlington are disappointed that a project they view as unnecessary is going forward. Even more disappointing were the numbers that showed up at the polls — only 15 percent of BED’s roughly 20,000 customers cast a vote Tuesday.

MJ Farmer, a former electric utility engineer and Burlington resident, expressed her disappointment with the low voter turnout. “This vote will replace all electric meters in Burlington with wireless meters,” she said. “Less than three thousand people voted.”

Farmer does not share Moody’s positive outlook on the outcome of the vote, and says she expects the transition to Smart Meters to be anything but a smooth one.

“I predict problems with installations, much higher installation costs, and much higher utility bills,” she stated. “I think they will soon be known as ‘dumb meters’.”…

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I reported a similar response on my post Burlington is Smart??? on June 29th


Burlington is “Smart”???

Burlington’s Smart Grid Voters Approved the Bond Vote on June 28th which will fund “half” of the $13.5 million “upgrade” to the city’s electrical system. Out of the 10’s of thousands of “should-be” Burlington voters, about 3000 decided to vote. The “win” was anything but a land slide – 1,808 yeas to 1,176, nays. Ward 7 was the only sector of Burlington voters who came out in numbers opposing the measure 387-264. Many of the working class people still don’t know what a Smart Meter is, they will come home from work one day to a brand new sparkly radiating “Smart” meter, no need to ask the residents, the vote has been WON!

As in other cities around the country Smart Meters will be forced on the public. Public service commissioner Elizabeth Miller has said Vermont will implement an Opt-Out policy, details are yet to be revealed. Most likely it will be a “Pay to Opt-Out” policy as they have done in California. It seems that the Smart Grid’s motto is: “Your either with us or your against us.”

It is impressive that Radio Frequency Smart Meters have just been classified as possibly cancer causing by The World Health Organization, and here we are ready to amp-up our already high exposure to more Radio Frequency Microwaves.

As I have stated in my Sample Letter to VT Public Service Board, even if people choose to opt-out, like the 1,176 voters who voted against this bond, they still will not be able to avoid RF meter exposure. Many people live in apartment building where the meters are grouped together at the entry ways, in such scenarios these RF meters have even been documented by the Sage Reports to exceed FCC regulations. These people who don’t wish to expose themselves to the radio & microwaves from RF meters will also be exposed to this radiation in the workplace and in public places.

Contact your representative and the VT Public Service Board, use the sample letter above as a template if you like. New Technology that doesn’t have regulations specifically made for it, needs a moratorium. FCC regulations were set up to regulate THERMAL exposure of wireless tech and nothing more. “They” once thought that X-Rays were safe too… This could be one of the biggest mistakes of “Modern Civilized Society” I guess it will be an experiment “we” will test on ourselves.

Smart Grid is a Money Saver?

The White House published: A POLICY FRAMEWORK FOR THE 21st CENTURY GRID: Enabling Our Secure Energy Future this month, The stated goals are:

• Facilitating and enabling a clean energy economy with significant use of renewable energy, distributed energy resources, electric vehicles, and electric storage;

• Creating an electricity infrastructure that saves consumers money through greater energy efficiency, as well as supporting the more reliable delivery of electricity; and

• Enabling technological innovation that creates jobs of the future and new opportunities for empowering consumers to use energy wisely and reduce their energy bills

Lets look at the “savings” this Smart Grid will afford us. Excerpt from the report –

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act) (U S Congress 2009) accelerated the development of smart grid technologies, investing $4.5 billion for electricity delivery and energy reliability activities to modernize the electric grid and implement dem- onstration and deployment programs (as authorized under Title XIII of EISA)

Excerpt from Title XIII of EISA –


(a) MATCHING FUND.—The Secretary shall establish a Smart Grid Investment Matching Grant Program to provide reimbursement of one-fifth (20 percent) of qualifying Smart Grid investments.

So the $4.5 Billion of our Tax monies will reimburse 20% of the New Smart Grid (for the qualifying investments)? Who will pay the other 80+%? Assuming the $4.5 B. covers the full 20%, that would ONLY be $18 Billion we need to come up with. If the Utility companies front us the money for this SMART upgrade,  How many years will it take to pay them off, at what percent interest?

Saving consumers money???