This is a New resource page for the remediation and restoration of the ecological balance of Lake Champlain. The Purple links are all PDF documents and all of the titles beginning with CWP are sourced from The Center for Watershed Protection website. The CWP website has an abundance of free information you only need to join the site to have access. I have selected the documents I felt were most applicable to helping Vermont remedy the issues with our Watershed. I will be adding more content; PDFs, website links etc. We were advocating for Vt Bill H.343 but now with new information we no longer support this bill.


CWP – Crafting a Lake Protection Ordinance 

CWP – Ordinance Worksheet 

CWP – Stormwater BMP Design Supplement for Cold Climates 

CWP – Crafting an Accurate Phosphorus Budget for Your Lake 

CWP – Managing Phosphorus Inputs Into Lakes 

CWP – Determining the Trophic State of Your Lake 

CWP – The Influence of Septic Systems at the Watershed Level 

EPA Bioretention Applications  

Storm-water Management with Rain Gardens 

Urban Swales for Storm-water Management 

Floating Island Nutrient Removal Case Study 

Floating Island Reducing Algae Blooms 

Floating Island Remove Contaminants From City Stormwater

More Floating Island Case Studies

Regional Publications 

VT Water Quality Standards ANR

VT Water Quality Newsletter ANR 

VT River Corridor Planning Guide ANR 

Streambank Stability and Sediment in VT Waterways

Reducing Stormwater Impacts with Rain Gardens UVM

Storm-waters and Smart Growth Connection 

VT Nutrient Management 2006 

Lake Champlain Booklet   

Ag. Best Management Report 2010 

Lake Champlain Phosphorous Accounting 2010 

Cyanobacteria in Lake Champlain 2009


ANR Environmental Interest Map – You must click “Launch Map” then “Map Layers” on right hand margin, check the box of the environmental feature you want to locate (you must be zoomed in close for the feature to appear).

– VT Agency of Natural Resources Water Division

– Lake Champlain Basin Program

– Lake Champlain Committee

– VT Rural Water Association

– Watershed Lake and River Map

– Lake Champlain Research Consortium

– Fish and Wildlife Research Association  

Bioremediation watershed lake champlain algae phosphorous

Lake Champlain Watershed Map

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