• Reforming Local Government by Charter

Reforming Local Government by charter PDF


2 thoughts on “• Reforming Local Government by Charter

  1. I was just talking to my mother today about how to be involved with politics in a way that actually makes a difference, rather than just getting me upset.

    Your, Reforming Local Government Post, broke it down to the local level and at the same time made legislation at the state level seem more accessible.

    I’m ready to do something, I’ve had the itch for several years but have lacked the self direction and understanding of the processes of Government.

    The Vermont Institute For Government gave me a place to start learning. I think my son who is “Not A Sex Offender” but does have a learning disability will enjoy learning about how his life is being governed and by whom.

    Of particular concern to me is the hysteria around “sex offences”, how loosely the label “sex offender” is being used and how wide the net is being cast to catch “average” men in it.

    When you start thinking “where can I go to be free” and you already live in the United States of America, it’s time to act, right where you are.


    • Go For it! You can make a difference! Charter is a great tool to make this happen. Take your time get your research organized, research charters and petitions HOW they are written and presented. This is a great way to transform these negative emotions into positive action! It is also something “tangible” that you can put your time into that will give you clarity by unblocking these negative emotions, allowing you to step back and see things from a broader perspective. This process of stepping back is needed in order for others to “hear” you. You need to be able to step into their shoes, understanding people’s reality who have no experience or knowledge of this issue, will give you an understanding on how to approach the presentation of the material, this means (to some extent) detaching from the personal emotions. As hard as it is to “allow yourself to do this”(detaching), you will see it will give you new vocabulary and ways to illustrate and communicate what you need to. Another thing you might consider doing is to put together an easy to read comprehensive flyer with the consolidated info and start to inform the public with them. Peace, Simha

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