Will the Pentagon’s F-35 Fighters Be Based In Burlington, Vermont by 2020? (IMPERIAL BOONDOGGLE)

Second Vermont Republic

2VR-F35Inquiring Vermont minds want to know. Especially given the exorbitant costs of the F-35. And the safety record, or lack thereof. And the flight time testing prior to basing, or lack thereof. And the noise. And the fact that Burlington International Airport airport is surrounded by residential neighborhoods. And the simple truth that the insanely expensive F-35 simply does not work as advertised. Why are elected Vermont leaders Bernie Sanders, Patrick Leahy, Peter Welch, Miro Weinberger, and Peter Shumlin ALL in favor of the F-35? Jeezum – this is a wonderful question to ask them any time they appear in public in our once-and-future Vermont republic. We’ve been covering the F-35 story since 2007 – here’s a new TRUTHOUT update by James Marc Leas, along with our artist’s rendering of Camel’s Hump with F-35s in the foreground.

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