Measles, Vermont, and Informed Consent, by Jennifer Stella (VACCINE CHOICE)

Second Vermont Republic

To our Dear Honorable Governor Shumlin,
The statewide members of our coalition want to express deep appreciation for your support in maintaining the delicate and critical balance between public health initiatives and individual rights. Since 1979, Vermont has honored this important balance by offering conscientious and religious exemption to parents. This was confirmed by the legislature in 2012 in the 133-6 House vote. 
images-1Mr. Governor, even the American Medical Association provides for religious and philosophic objections to its member doctors*. It is our most sincere hope that there will never come a time when the State feels it must compel mandatory vaccination without conscientious exemption on its citizens. Is mandatory vaccination the answer to measles? We think not, and concur with this pediatrician:
Measles. It used to be just a disease. Now it’s become a banner under which politicians gather to threaten one of our most sacred rights – the right to give informed consent…

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