Green is the new “Gray”


Hinesburg replaces old stormwater system with a Bioretention System to Improve Water Quality in the LaPlatte River

Completed Upper Treatment Cell Completed Upper Treatment Cell

At the beginning of October 2014, the Lewis Creek Association and the Town of Hinesburg constructed a new stormwater treatment system at the intersection of Vermont Route 116 and Silver Street.  With funds from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation Ecosystem Restoration Program (ERP), the partners replaced existing “gray” infrastructure (three stormwater culverts that emptied directly into the river) with green stormwater infrastructure (GSI).  GSI uses natural materials and processes to lessen the impact of the built environment on waterways.

Completed Lower Treatment Cell Completed Lower Treatment Cell

The Silver Street bioretention system improves  water quality by filtering pollutants that run-off from 7 impervious acres within the town.  Water flows through beds of 1,350 native plants and shrubs growing in a shallow depression lined with permeable soils.  By virtue of its careful construction…

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