Got Fracked Gas Vermont?

A state that would outlaws fracking and yet allows the transport of fracked gas through its boarders is complicit and has only outlawed this practice as a facade. The public good of Vermont has spoken. This is not the solution to our energy needs.

Excerpt from Barre Montpelier Times Argus below

Opponents showed up in large numbers Thursday for the second of two public hearings on the proposed natural gas pipeline that would serve the International Paper mill in Ticonderoga, New York.

Opponents of Phase II of the Vermont Gas Systems project cited a litany of mostly environmental, but also economic and moral, reasons the Public Service Board should deny a permit that would extend the pipeline from Middlebury, southwest to Shoreham and Cornwall, and under Lake Champlain, to the IP plant.

At the start of the three-hour hearing Thursday at Middlebury Union High School, 80 people, almost all opponents, had signed up to speak.

Many in the auditorium were wearing “Stop the Fracked Gas Pipeline” stickers.

Morris Palmer, of North Ferrisburgh, said human excess has left a burden for his generation. “I’m 23 years old and I’m a little pissed because your generation got to enjoy cheap fossil fuel without having to worry about things like climate change,” Palmer said.

Climate change and the environment were on the minds of others who spoke.

A Middlebury woman expressed concern about the future of Lake Champlain and the thousands of people who depend upon the lake for their drinking water.

She said burying the pipeline under the lake would stir up toxins from the IP plant that have “remained in the sediment for decades.”

“So what we’re considering is threatening the health of Lake Champlain and the drinking water supply of nearly 200,000 people for the sake of a handful of Phase II gas customers,” she said.

She also said the pipeline could also have a negative impact on tourism in Vermont and New York.

Another person, citing Section 248 criteria, said the pipeline does not meet the public good and will have adverse effects on public health and the environment.

read the full article here –

link to the petition –

and the Stop VT Pipline FB page –

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