Vermont Yankee Update

All petitions have been delivered to VY’s corporate headquarters in VT and we’ve finally got their attention. Entergy has four law firms and a pile of lawyers trying to throw out CRWC studies that debunk their case for thermal pollution of the Connecticut River.

CRWC’s four expert reports conclude that Entergy’s case is “significantly flawed” and relies on outdated science. The reports have been presented to all the decision makers in Vermont, including the Governor, and present a damning case for Entergy.

These reports are top notch. So much so that even the State of VT is using these reports in their own filings to the Vermont utility regulators who will decide later this year whether Entergy should get a new license to operate.

Thanks to the terrific legal support provided by the Vermont Natural Resources Council & VT Law School the fight’s not over yet, but it’s not a fair fight given Entergy’s deep pockets.
Make Your Voice Heard

Your support keeps CRWC in this fight, representing you and the River. Over the last year the Council – thanks to your support and that of members & friends – has put together a technically rigorous take-down of Entergy’s case. Legal & consultant fees, however, continue to accumulate. Your support is needed now more than ever.

Make a donation today to keep the pressure on Entergy and tell them that we won’t back down when it comes to protecting the Connecticut River.
Get Involved
Submit formal comments to the Vermont Public Service Board.
Read the four expert reports, testimony in support of these reports and more on CRWC’s website.
You can see all the filings in this case on the Vermont Public Service Board electronic docket.
Hearings in Montpelier, the next step in this process, are tentatively set for the weeks of February 11th & 18th. Stay tuned for more updates. As always, contact us with any questions or concerns.

For the River,

Andrew Fisk
Executive Director

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