Vermont Going Solar!

Published on Sep 12, 2012 by

Via Sun Common – Going Solar

A lot of Vermonters have wanted to go solar, but until now it’s been hard for the typical homeowner to figure it all out on their own. And the price was beyond the reach of most of us. SunCommon’s mission is to dramatically increase the amount of solar power in Vermont — by making it easy for folks and bringing the cost way down with our state’s first no-money down lease.  Save Money.  Go Solar.

The electrical grid serves as your really big battery. The electricity you make and don’t use gets fed into the grid and your utility sells it to your neighbors, giving you a credit for all that power. At night when your solar panels aren’t making electricity or anytime you need more power than you’re producing, you draw down that credit with the utility. The goal is to create as much power as you use over the course of a year, net out at zero and pay your utility nothing for electricity – letting your panels do the work. It’s called Net Metering, and Vermont state law requires our utilities to make this available to everyone.

Check out SunCommon


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