Vermont Yankee = Fukushima Daiichi – MARK 1 Reactor

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Two foreign journalists ask these questions (approximate quotes)

“They didn’t even try to convince the public, that after that incident, (Fukushima Meltdown) that they did some extra precautionary measure?”….

“In the weeks or months after Fukushima, to your knowledge, there was no kind of stress test… Thinking about, well we have the same machinery running here than they had running in Japan (so we should make such and such adjustments)?”

Story below Via – Brattleboro Reformer

By BOB AUDETTE / Reformer Staff  Saturday September 8, 2012

BRATTLEBORO — The Vermont State Nuclear Advisory Panel will be in Vernon Monday night to discuss response plans to radiological emergencies at Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant.

The agenda includes a presentation by FEMA on its role in emergency planning and coordination with state emergency planning management.

Vermont Emergency Management will discuss the funding process for the Radiological Emergency Response Plan and provide information concerning the use of four lanes on I-91 as an emergency route.

Of particular interest will be a discussion by VEM of issues raised in a letter by the town of Dummerston, a letter that was delivered to Sarah Hofmann, the deputy commissioner of the Vermont Department of Public Service in October 2011.

During the Dummerston Selectboard meeting on Sept. 5, John Angil, the director of the Radiological Emergency Response Program, which is located in Brattleboro, said he became aware of the letter in August of this year, 10 months after it was submitted.

The letter expressed concerns about evacuation routes through and out of Dummerston and traffic control in case of an emergency at Vermont Yankee.

full article –

Isn’t it reassuring that they will ensure you know which road to take out of town if there is a nuclear disaster, but they won’t address the issue of dealing with the piling-up spent nuclear fuel that they are storing on-site?

Tell your State Representatives to attend the Congressional Briefing on Nuclear Sep. 20th


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