Vermont – Aerial Spraying of RAID on Citizenry

Aerial Mosquito Spraying Planned for Addison and Rutland Counties

Public Meeting Scheduled for Brandon Town Hall on Sept. 4, 7 p.m.

For Immediate Release: Sept. 3, 2012
Media Contact: Communication Office
Vermont Department of Health

BURLINGTON – The Vermont Department of Health and Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets will hold a public meeting on Tuesday, 7 p.m. at the Brandon Town Hall to discuss the planned aerial application of pesticide in areas of Addison and Rutland Counties…

Health Commissioner Harry Chen, MD, determined that the pesticide application is warranted to mitigate the significant public health risk posed by the infected mosquitoes in these areas….

The spraying will have two centers for treatment near Brandon and Whiting using a pesticide (Sumithrin) that is frequently used to control insects in homes and gardens and on pets. Ground pesticide spraying by the Brandon, Leicester, Salisbury, Goshen Mosquito District has been underway at area campgrounds, schools, the Neshobe Golf Club and along roadways in the Forest Brook Development.

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Now some info on what exactly they plan to spray, giving us only two days notice…..

Sumithrin is an insecticide in the synthetic pyrethroid pesticide family. It is also called d- phenothrin. Marketed as an insecticide since 1977, it is sold by many pesticide companies using a variety of brand names, including Raid, Enforcer, Ortho, and Anvil.

via Beyond Pesticides

Pesticide products containing synthetic pyrethroids are often described by pest control operators and community mosquito management bureaus as “safe as chrysanthemum flowers.” While pyrethroids are a synthetic version of an extract from the chyrsanthemum plant, they were chemically engineered to be more toxic with longer breakdown times, and are often formulated with synergists, increasing potency and compromising the human body’s ability to detoxify the pesticide. 

Many pyrethroids have also been linked to disruption of the endocrine system, which can adversely affect reproduction and sexual development, interfere with the immune system and increase chances of breast cancer. Pyrethroids contain human-made, or xenoestrogens, which can increase the amount of estrogen in the body (Garey et al., 1998)….

Signs and symptoms of poisoning by pyrethroids may take several forms. Because of the similarities to crude pyrethrum, pyrethroids may act as dermal and respiratory allergens. Exposure to pyrethroids has resulted in contact dermatitis and asthma-like reactions.

read the full Fact Sheet at Beyond Pesticides

Another Fact Sheet specifically on Sumithrin

Contact The Vermont Department of Health 802-316-2128 and tell them how you feel about this. 

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