Scientific Evidence of Pesticides Killing Honey-Bees Denied by EPA

Colony Collapse DisorderThe EPA recently denied a March 20, 2012 Petition to suspend the use of clothianidin, which belongs to a group of pesticides known as Neonicotinoids. Several European countries have banned these pesticides due to Scientific studies that show a connection to their use and honey-bee colony collapse disorder..

The EPA is currently accepting public comments on its latest decision. Now is a crucial moment to make our voices heard for the bees. If we don’t convince the EPA to reconsider, it is not scheduled to review clothianidin again until 2018!

To tell the EPA that the bees can’t wait until 2018 sign the petition

Full letter to the EPA  from August 22

3 New Studies Link Bee Decline to Bayer Pesticide


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