NRC – Spent Fuel Pools and Fukushima

CCTV Host Margaret Harrington and Fairewinds Energy Education’s Arnie Gundersen discuss the urgent need to empty spent fuel pools into dry cask storage to prevent a serious but avoidable accident. They also discuss the economic cost to nuclear plants if they where forced to withstand natural calamities, the future of Yucca Mountain, and the radiological contamination caused by depleted uranium weapons.

Video transcript –

NRC Chairman Allison Macfarlane talks about the 3 New actions the NRC has issued in response to the Fukushima Nuclear Accident – Allison also speaks about the need for the NRC to improve communication with the public in order to gain trust, it is interesting that both ratings and comments have been disabled in this youtube video.

Here is the NRC page detailing their “response” which does NOT include moving the spent fuel from pools into dry casks –


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