Chuck Ross – Vermont’s Secretary of Agriculture – The Necessary (r)Evolution for Sustainable Food Systems

Chuck Ross Vermont’s Secretary of Agriculture Speaks at UVM’s Conference on The Necessary (r)Evolution for Sustainable Food Systems.

We have food deserts in this state and in this country. We have significant socioeconomic barriers for some people to access the kind of food in the food system I am talking about. We have labor issues, where we are seeing an increased dependance on migrant laborers without an adequate national policy that allows them to work openly and legally, and enables us to treat them humanely, as they deserve….

Fast Food, too Much of it. We know it but we still eat it…. and in fact over the last 50 years the amount of time we spend preparing our food has decreased 40%, that is loosing our literacy with food. We know we have environmental issues, the agriculture and food systems can and do impact the environment and we need to be honest about that and we need to address that. We must continue to push for sustainable farm practices. We need to continually innovate, implement those practices, those new practices that enable farmers to make a living, while producing those products that are good to eat and are good for the environment….

…I ask you to reinvest your commitment to changing our agriculture and food systems so they will meet the needs of the 21st Century.

UVM PDF  – Vermont Agricultural Resilience in a changing climate 2012

Through the understanding of how natural systems work, how they rely and interact with one another, we can design and integrate our Food Systems into the landscape in a way that will actually benefit Ecosystem health. This method of understanding and designing systems is known as Permaculture. – VT4Evolution

2 thoughts on “Chuck Ross – Vermont’s Secretary of Agriculture – The Necessary (r)Evolution for Sustainable Food Systems

  1. A long-delayed speech by a political crony who knows nothing of Permaculture. Listen to the code. ‘Meeting the needs of the 21st Century’ means Vermont’s food production falling under central control.

    Why did Ross wait two years to make this speech, after spending his first two years in office cracking down on raw milk, on-farm slaughter and anything else that could be termed ‘local’?

    Why did Shumlin appoint Ross anyway? It couldn’t have been for his qualifications: there are none. Read on for the answer…

    It’s no mistake that Ross’ boss, Patrick Leahy, happens to run the Senate Agricultural Committee, and both have close ties to Monsanto.

    Ross, as you may recall, spread disinformation in the House in 2008, in order to subvert the Impeach Bush bill after it had passed the full Senate. Another crony, Gaye Symington, was offered a shot at the governorship and ultimately Leahy’s seat on the latter’s retirement… Symington immediately killed Impeach Bush in her House committee.

    And Shumlin? Shumlin was the sitting senator who killed the GMO Labelling bill in 2002, and was quoted by the Rutland Herald as saying that he did so because his Party had already lost the Big Pharma money, and didn’t want to lose the Big Ag money as well.

    A political machine. Career politicians aren’t our friends, even though they say exactly what we want to hear.

    • Hey Robert, Thanks for the comment! I can’t claim to know Chuck, I could figure so much by listening to him stumble through reading his speech. The positive side of the “agricultural revolution” is that Science is on the side of Permaculture and Organics. The key is for this Science to flood our Universities, which is starting to happen. The public are starting to wake up! The fact that labeling GMOs is getting so much public pressure and exposure is a great start. You are right they are not our friends, they are our servants, until we unify in a overwhelming voice they will serve their “share holders”. Foreword to a Vermont full of whole-systems thinking and organic living! Peace – Simha

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