News from the Canadian Oil Sand Project

Burlington, Vermont July 29th – Riot police shot unarmed pipeline protesters with sting ball pellets at near point blank range and sprayed  them with pepper spray because they were blocking a conferee bus from leaving the hotel to go to lunch.

Burlington FreePress – Peaceful protest takes a violent turn in Burlington 

The police stand by their use of force – BFP – Police: We had info protesters planned to escalate showdown…  though the source of the information about planned disruptions was  “secondhand”..

On Friday July 27th, one of Enbridge inc. pipeline systems leaked around 1,200 barrels in a Wisconsin field – The WSJ – Wisconsin Spill Complicates Enbridge Plans. and CBC News – Enbridge oil spill worries B.C. pipeline critics

Also on July 27th from iPolitics – Canadian Oil Sands’ profits fall, outlook cut

Other Canadian News on 27th of July – Standard and Poor’s downgraded its outlook of seven Canadian Banks from stable to negative – The Globe and Mail – S&P cuts outlook on 7 Canadian banks


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