The Third Annual Northeast USA Rice Conference

Vermont Rice

When: Saturday, Aug. 4, 2012
Time: 9AM – 4 PM
Where: Akaogi Farm, 27 Earthbridge Rd., Westminster West, VT
Cost: $50/person, $60/couple, $40/student
Conference Topics/Highlights:This conference will focus on rice cuisine, culture, and history in the morning and general rice agriculture topics in the afternoon.


    * Naomi Duguid (Author, Seductions of Rice)

    * Anna McClung (Research Leader, USDA ARS, Dale Bumpers National Rice Research Center)

    * Glenn Roberts (Founder and Seedsman, Anson Mills)

    * A Farmers’ Exchange (short presentations by farmers experimenting with rice in the northeastern United States).

Lunch will highlight the importance of rice as a staple food for many cultures and will include short presentations by local chefs about the rice dishes they have prepared.

This conference will be held at Akaogi Farm rain or shine. Presentations will occur inside a tent and tents will be set up for the chefs and registration. Please be mindful of the weather and dress accordingly.

Interested in participating in the Farmers’ Exchange?

Farmers’ Exchange Form

The Farmers’ Exchange is a chance for farmers who are growing rice to give a short (5-10min) presentation about their experiences and discuss issues or questions with researchers, other farmers, and audience members. If you are a farmer in the northeastern United States who has been experimenting with growing rice, please contribute to the effort by filling out the information sheet. Please fill out the form even if you were unable to grow rice to maturation at your farm. Information about an attempt at growing rice that was not successful is as important as a success story. This data will be collected, consolidated, and presented during the Farmers’ Exchange at the Third Annual Northeast USA Rice Conference.

 The Third Annual Northeast USA Rice Conference is a collaboration between the McCouch RiceLab at Cornell University and Akaogi Farm. It is funded in part by the National Science Foundation.

To register & for more information:

Registration fee includes lunch and copy of the 2011 conference proceedings. Register early, space is limited. To register please provide your name, e-mail address, and a check made out to Mia Murphy, 351 Longley Road, Groton, MA 01450. Contact Mia at <makaogi(at)>.

Even more information:

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