Drought of 2012 – Sustainable Resilient Agriculture = Permaculture

From HuffPost: U.S. Drought 2012: Current Drought Covers Widest Area Since 1956, According To New Data


WALTONVILLE, Ill. — The nation’s widest drought in decades is spreading, with more than half of the continental United States now in some stage of drought and most of the rest enduring abnormally dry conditions.

Only in the 1930s and the 1950s has a drought covered more land, according to federal figures released Monday.

full article from the Huffington Post – Link

Dynamic Rainwater Catchment – Contour, Patterns and Keyline

In this slide presentation Mark Krawczyk speaks about using the power of The Age of Fossil Fuel to create an ecological infrastructure that will provide the resources we need to become sustainable. By observing the patterns of the landscape we can implement earthworks like keyline, swales and ponds  to create ecologically harmonious landscapes that sustain people crops and habitat.

Mark Krawczyk is a permaculture designer, traditional woodworker, natural builder and community organizer in Burlington, VT. He owns and operates Keyline Vermont – a permaculture design/consulting business, RivenWoodCrafts – a traditional woodcraft company, is a member of Seven Generations Natural Builders and is a founding member of the community group Burlington Permaculture.



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