The Northeast Permaculture Documentary

Excerpt From: The Northeast Permaculture film Blog

The Northeast Permaculture Documentary Film Project is seeking to create a film that focuses on the many inspiring Permaculture designers, teachers and projects that are growing and shaping communities across the Northeast. We will be visiting urban green roofs, bike powered compost services, grey water systems, rain catchment projects, forest gardens,

and  many other projects that have been designed and oriented using permaculture design strategies and philosophies. We hope to spread awareness around this grass roots movement and share the stories of those who are spreading and shaping Permaculture Design in their classes and business practices.

Starting in June I will begin a 5 month journey filming and interviewing across the northeast.

I will soon be launching a Kick-Starter to fund a Veggie Oil Conversion and RoofTop Solar Panels for my vehicle to make this project as ecologically intelligent as possible.

(Link to help fund the project)

Check out the video –

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