(text excerpt from) Rural Vermont’s – LEGISLATIVE UPDATE:  March 16, 2012

YOU DID IT! Thank You.

H.722, the bill that will require genetically modified food sold in Vermont to be labeled, IS STILL ALIVE in the State House.

After several long days of compelling testimony and a huge outpouring of public support, House and Senate leaders agreed today to give the bill more time to complete the legislative process. Without this special consideration, the bill would have failed to meet today’s “crossover” deadline.

The latest info we have is that the House Agriculture Committee will be able to continue their work and will likely hold their vote on it within two weeks.

Thank you for taking the time to contact your representatives and helping to turn the tide that was definitely running against the bill as late as this morning….

After the Ag Committee votes on it, the bill will then have to pass through the Joint Committee on Rules since they are the ones who granted it a “hall pass” to not have to meet the crossover deadline. The bill may also have to be reviewed by another House Committee before it gets to a House floor vote and then it has to do basically the same series of steps on the Senate side – all by the end of April…

For the latest info follow the campaign on Facebook or visit the campaign website VT Right To Know GMOs

Have a great early spring weekend!

Andrea Stander

Rural Vermont
Rural Education Action Project


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