Vermonters Say Corporations are NOT People!

Cartoon by Matt Wuerker

Vermont is leading the Revolution by declaring that Corporations are not Persons and don’t have the rights we Humans have, like electing our representatives. The unified efforts of Public Citizen, WILPF, VPIRG, Move to Amend, the Peace and Justice Center, Common Cause, Occupy Vermont and others can be followed at this web page “Vermonters Say Corporations are not People“. We are working together to support town meeting petition drives, and a state resolution led by Senator Ginny Lyons. To learn more about how to get involved visit their web site linked above and read more about the resolution here.


2 thoughts on “Vermonters Say Corporations are NOT People!

  1. Good for Vermonters! (And all of us.) Montana is also resisting. Montana’s Supreme Court has issued ruling that say, pretty much, that corporations are not people in Montana. I wonder though if that will be struck down by the US Supreme Court. And then, well, what can we do.

    • Helen,

      Yes, the anti-corporate personhood sentiment seems to be sweeping the nation. I believe we need it to be a federal law, either by congress removing this jurisdiction from the Supreme Court or a Constitutional amendment needs to be passed. In Peace – VT4Evolution

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