Permaculture Helps Us Share the Surplus!

Burlington Permaculture proves that this time of the year doesn’t have to be, a “shop till you drop” typical holiday experience. Permaculture is a way to design sustainable human societies, it is guided by three ethics; Earth care, people care, and “share the surplus”. Burlington Permaculture has brought these three ethics together online and into the community, with their web page Perennial Exchange which is,

a community tool facilitating the free exchange of plant resources among residents of Burlington and its environs. This site allows members of the exchange to both offer and request plant resources from neighbors and fellow community members in the form of transplants, root divisions, cuttings and other propagation materials completely free of charge.

We hope this tool helps to enhance our region’s food security and foster urban agriculture while building new social connections and strengthening our community.

All members of the public can view offers and wants. However, to create an offer, or to contact a member, you must first create an account.

I leave you with a quote from John McConnell, founder of International Earth Day

“Let every individual and institution now think and act as a responsible trustee of Earth, seeking choices in ecology, economics and ethics that will provide a sustainable future, eliminate pollution, poverty and violence, awaken the wonder of life and foster peaceful progress in the human adventure.”

From – Environmental Quotes

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