Lake Champlain – Restoring our Water

Vermont For Evolution is now compiling a resource page for The Remediation and Restoration of Lake Champlain (Link), It is located in our ECO & VT VIDEOS Page. I have always wanted to do this, the following movie trailer kicked me into action!

Bloom: The Emergence of Ecological Design

This is the follow-up series to last year’s award-winning documentary on the health of Lake Champlain premieres on December 15th at 7:00 pm at the Palace 9 Cinemas in South Burlington, Vermont. The first Emmy award winning film, Bloom – the Plight of Lake Champlain, addressed the main sources of phosphorus pollution contributing to the growing problem of algae blooms in the sixth largest lake in the United States. The follow-up film, Bloom – the Emergence of Ecological Design, further investigates pollution sources from wastewater, agricultural, and urban land use, but with a focus on integrative design solutions. (more)

Movie Website –

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