Industrial Hemp – Reduce Co2 Emissions & Support Sustainable Agriculture

In this video, filmed on July 28, 2011, Congressman Peter Welch of Vermont was “cornered” into answering some of his constituents. They ask why he had not yet supported the federal resolution H.R. 1831: The Industrial Farming Bill, when Vermont had already passed Hemp farming legislation back in 2008.

Well, it took the Congressman a little over 3 months to finally cosponsor the bill, the point is that he did. This just goes to show how important it is to confront our representatives face to face and educate them on issues that we believe in.

Hemp is by far the most ecologically sound cash-crop that we are forbidden to grow. The web site Vote Hemp was set up to educate people on the issues surrounding hemp, register voters, and build coalitions to fulfill their mission. To get a deeper understanding of the mission of Vote Hemp please read The Vote Hemp Treatise: A Renewal of Common Sense: The Case for Hemp in 21st Century America.

Vote Hemp – Take Action Page

The amount of information on hemp and the implications of legalizing industrial hemp farming is astounding. Many of the European countries that followed the US in prohibiting hemp cultivation, have since repealed these laws and are now growing, processing, using and exporting it.

Here is one videos illustrating just a few out of the thousands of its applications. 

I was inspired to write this post after visiting this Hempcrete building in Switzerland (slide show below). At first glance it looks as though the building was carved out of one solid piece of sand stone, on closer inspection you see it fibrous reality.

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