Gaelan Brown on the Possibility of a Vermont State Bank

Vermont Currency Republic dollars economic independence

1809 $3 Bill Vermont State Bank

Gaelan Brown’s  recent article on Vermont Commons: Financial Lifeboats

While there are legitimate flaws of our entire fiat/compound-interest money and banking system, there IS a way for state-level financial self-reliance to be created independently of the corrupt mega-banks and the unconstitutional Federal Reserve.

North Dakota’s State-owned bank is not a socialist-program, it’s merely an example of a state exerting its SOVEREIGNTY to create economic conditions that benefit its people and businesses (access to affordable credit) independently of out-of-state interests.

This must-see video details the history of the highly successful Bank of North Dakota, including many of the business/political leaders in present day N.D. who explain how this institution has helped N.D. become the ONLY state in the US with a budget surplus and low unemployment.

There is a group of Vermont business leaders, politicians and academics who are working on this very issue. We have the ear of several legisltive leaders and Gov Shumlin. We have a road-map for how and why a Vt State Bank could be successful from the Public Banking Institute and other leaders such as the people featured in this video.

What we don’t have is a grassroots populist movement to pressure Montpelier to move forward on this issue. That’s where you, dear reader, come in. Call your local Rep/Senator and urge them to move forward on a Vt State Bank! 

 VT State Reps listed by District & Senators By County

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