Trying to Quell the Voice of the 99% UPDATED

The recent developments in the Nation wide Occupy Movement shows a collective effort by city, state and/or federal officials to quell the voice and actions of occupiers expression of direct democracy. An article covering the coordinated effort to evict OWS movements- Police State Tactics: Signs Point to a Coordinated National Program to Try and Unoccupy Wall Street and Other Cities and another MAYORS COME TOGETHER UNDER THE THREAT OF (GASP!) FREE SPEECH

Below are links of stories and videos of the recent Occupations that have been evicted, I will try to update this post as more evictions take place. My apologies these events are not being covered very well, I did my best to find the stories and videos that covered each eviction the best.

Occupy St. Louis evicted November 11th Story – (video)

Occupy Burlington evicted November 11th Story – (video)

Occupy Abany evicted November 12th – Story – (video)

Occupy Salt Lake evicted November 12th – Story – (video)

Occupy Denver evicted November 12th – Story – (video)

Occupy Portland evicted November 13th – Story – (video) (more videos)

Occupy Oakland evicted November 14th – Story – (video)

Occupy Dallas evicted November 17th – Story – (video)

Occupy Wall St. NYC evicted November 15th – Story Video Below

Occupy Los Angeles evicted November 30th – Story (Video)

Occupy Philadelphia evicted November – Story and Video More (Video)


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