More Vermont Rice Pioneers!

Breezy Meadows Orchards and Nursery is a young Permaculture farm run by Josh Brill and  Meadow Squier in Tinmouth, Vermont. They are yet another of Vermont’s pioneering rice growers. By using They have secured enough funds to expand their rice production to one full acre which will potentially supply between 3000 and 5000 pounds of rice. Check out their Blog for photos and updates:

Introduction from their site: Welcome to Breezy Meadows Orchards and Nursery, we are basing our agricultural systems with permacultural practices in mind going beyond standard organic practices. Our farming systems are designed to work with natural systems and benefit not only us as growers but be a benefit to our surrounding ecosystems. The benchmarks we set for ourselves are not only those tied to how many pounds of food we can produce but by how many inches of soil we help create and by an increase in biodiversity found on our land. In the Our Farm section of the site you will find information on the history of our location and the techniques we are using on the farm.

Best of Luck to These Stewards of Vermont’s Food Security – VT4Evolution

4 thoughts on “More Vermont Rice Pioneers!

    • Thanks Tim,

      Nice link, I have pasted it on to one of the main Rice farmers in Vermont. As this is a new discovery for the NE all information we can get will help us to learn the ins and outs of cultivating this crop with all of its great potentials. Peace to you, VT4Evolution

    • Helen, Yes this is an increasing movement in Vermont. I know of at least 3 other groups working to making rice a staple crop for Vermont. The food security implications of rice farming in Vermont are amazing because of it extremely high yield producing from 4-6 thousand pounds per acre compared to wheat at 1-3 thousand pounds per acre. Vermont’s growing season is short so people are using rice that is adapted to the colder climates in Asia’s high altitude regions. The rice plants are normally started indoors as seedling and then planted in the paddies though I have heard that some people are getting results by just broadcasting the seed. Vermont rice farming is in its infancy yet its potentials have already been proven to be well worth the effort. Thanks for your comment – VT4Evolution

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