Occupy Vermont – We are the 99%

The Occupy Wall Street Movement is picking up in Vermont. Here is a Video from Channel 5: Burlington

Occupy Vermont using the “People’s Microphone”!

10/3/11 – Burlington, VT. Two hundred concerned Vermont citizens spoke out in support of the two week long Occupy Wall Street protest today.

Burlington isn’t the only Occupation happening in Vermont. According to Twitter, Brattleboro seems to be next on the scene  to rally some Vermont Solidarity.  Stay Tuned. Occupy Wall Street Live feed –http://www.livestream.com/globalrevolution

Occupy Vermont – http://www.occupytogether.org/events/northeast/vermont/occupy-vermont/

One of Vermont’s solutions – Corporate Personhood Resolution J.R.S. 11.

Occupy Houston put together a list of  “Do’s and Dont’s for Protesting



4 thoughts on “Occupy Vermont – We are the 99%

  1. The wealthy elites, the 1%, are the Vermont Legislature, the Democrat/Republican/Progressives, running Vermont on behalf of international corporations, giving them our precious natural resources and public assets tax-free. Raising our taxes and stealing our hard-earned cash.

    After Irene they told small business and farms to go to hell.

    The Legislature also refuses to vote on closing Vermont Yankee. Vermont State Legislators actually DECLINED to vote on closing the plant. The 2009 Senate vote was a nonbinding resolution only.

    Vote ’em ALL out in 2012 !

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