Lake Champlain – Phosphorous Issue – Take Action

The TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) is an important technical document which acts as a phosphorous pollution budget so Vermonters can decide how much phosphorous we ask Lake Champlain to handle. We currently add much more phosphorous – well over doubling it in some years – than is safe for the lake ecosystem. The result, excess weed growth, potentially toxic blue-green algae blooms and low dissolved oxygen, makes the lake less usable. And those problems are likely to become more widespread, particularly with two floods of historic proportion this year.

The U.S. EPA and Vermont Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) have organized a set of public meetings which will take place over the next week and will be focused on the northern portion of the Lake Champlain basin. A second set of meetings focused on the southern portion of the lake is scheduled for November 14th through November 18th – watch for information on those as they are scheduled.

Details on meetings –

For more info on Champlain’s TMDL –


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