Remote Control Home of the Future

The Smart Grid’s main selling point is the Smart Meter (SM). The SM will allow the utility companies to supply consumers with detailed energy usage data. This data gives the consumers insight on where they can lower their usage or shift some of their usage to off-peak hours. The feature that is being analyzed in this post is the remote control application. Your Smart Home will be linked to an app. on your blackberry or iphone and you will be able to turn off your air conditioner or lower your thermostat etc. from any location, though I am sure it will cost extra.

Here is a blog post (2010) from a specialist in the security of embedded systems, after a smart meter was installed to replace his analogue gas meter he bought a SM on e-bay to reverse engineer it. He gets so far and says he won’t be revealing any more information. In the comments of the post someone asks him for the schematics of the smart meter, he replies:

“No, I’ve decided not to give out more details. Suffice to say, there are a lot of security flaws in the firmware and helping hackers turn off my gas is not something I am going to do.”

Here is a video about the future remote application of smart meters.

U.S. Representative Ed Markey, a “progressive democrat” who has made energy policy his top priority, says in this video,

…I’m very proud of that revolution, since it was my bills that made it all possible. My hope is that we can reach a day when people never look up again, they’re managing.. they’re managing everything their managing their refrigerator… their… their air conditioning. Everything in their home and they never have to look up again, human interaction will be unnecessary. It will just be a relationship between you and this electronic device in your pocket. Thats what the three telecom bills make possible, thats what the stimulus money for the smart grid continues to enhance because people can manage their energy use.”… “but we know it will spread like a mania.

Notice how the industry spokesman thanks Ed for the smart grid stimulus. This is what it is really about, profits for utility companies and the Tech industry, not conservation of energy, not lower energy bills and not a more secure grid. As the wireless industry booms it is yet another niche to be capitalized on, they “know it will spread like a mania”. This is not fear mongering, as I have been accused of. Do your own research and come to your own conclusion.

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