Earth Stewardship in a Shifting Age and Climate

The lie within civi-lie-zation, is that we humans CAN exist independent from Nature’s ecosystems. Instead of finding harmony is the biosphere we dominate its fragile systems for almost all of our human activities, the most extreme being the extracting of our “vital” natural resources, acting as though there will be NO recourse for the destruction we cause.

The whole climate debate is framed within the confines of Co2 emissions, this is only a very small fraction of the issues which must be addressed if we are to really tackle global climate change and have a sustainable future.

The solution to all of our environmental and sustainable issues is a holistic one. It simply means addressing and reconciling our own personal implications in this lie. The Biosphere has an order, it is not a hierarchy with us standing on the top, I think most of us know this, it is the first step to recovering our heritage.

From the microbes and mycelium to the ants and the elephants to the lichen and redwoods to the plankton and the whales, we all have a very important role to play.

Survival of the fittest should be altered to Thrival of the Resonant.

Harmony, Cooperation and Symbiosis are a better description of Nature than Ruthless, Savage and Chaotic.

Thrival is more than just survival, survival is confined to time and it could mean just getting-by. Thrival on the other hand is sustainable indefinitely, as Nature is, and it means really doing great, not just getting-by. Nature Thrives it doesn’t just survive, even where we destroy and pollute it is ultimately Nature that comes in and rights our wrongs.

We are headed into an age where the ignorance of our “place” within Nature’s ecosystems must subside, if we are to continue inhabiting this planet. Realizing our Stewardship role within these system through Earth “technology” such as Permaculture, Biodynamics, Organics and the likes can transform our  local environments into the Garden Eden. All of the necessities of life  can come locally, and when Nature’s ways are observed and respected we can expect our vital resources will manifest in abundance and that the natural balance of things will be restored.

It is hard to see how we will come to this point of reflection. This is a personal journey, that will lead to a collective one. As much as we want to point out the flaws in society, we must first realize how we have implicated ourselves into this lie, and free ourselves first. As we become more observant of Nature’s cycles, movements and needs we will understand our role in the Biosphere.

The Five Elements are Life; Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space. These elements also represent the four cardinal directions and the inner and outer expanse of endless space. All indigenous people realized this, this realization was kept as a constant reminder that sustained their harmonious relations with Nature. Of course part our human nature is forgetfulness and even these wise people would go astray. Though because listening and observing was a key aspect of their life and survival, they wouldn’t stray far and Nature would lead them back onto the path of Earth Stewardship.

As the sages have said, developing Compassion is the key to inner harmony. This means compassion for yourself as well as others, compassion is nonjudgemental solidarity with ones heart not ones actions. This type of support is critical to our evolution, because this World is a  critical-world it is set to destroy our soft hearts by hardening us into indifference. Interest in the welfare of others leads to relieving all burdens and sorrows.

We may be the most complex part of the biosphere because of our complex relationships. These relationships are just as impacting as the inner working systems of Nature. This is a large part of understanding our Stewardship role within Nature’s ecosystems. When we truly; forgive, console, support, look-out for, cheer-up, listen to and identify-with our fellow human beings, we are fulfilling a balanced role in Earth’s Biosphere. It will take Steadfast Courage.

Live Life with a Open and Giving Heart and you will help all of us to do the same.

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