To answer brutality with brutality is to admit one’s moral and intellectual bankrupcy

Life…. It is The one “thing” truly precious upon this Earthly plane. To embody and broadcast Life’s “will” requires the selfless offering of ourselves. Universe, make me an instrument of your Love help me to demonstrate the creation and existence of a better world.

By having a Non-Violent and uncompromising resolve to following the Golden Rule, we will see Eden where dissolution was perennial. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

As fallible as each one of us may be, our True nature is unaffected, as we increase our desire to live and create a world  in harmony and Peace, the functional Civil Society we dream of unfolds. Standing in the face of indignity and greed with compassion, will evaporate them like dew in morning sun. Including the views and opinions of our own selves.

Are we truly separate? Can life be divided and held in an isolated vacuum? What is our common bond? The thread that holds Life together….

Is it truly the most ruthless and evasive Genes that are the chosen genetics of Nature? Is the present barbaric hostility of global politics the direction of our evolution?

We can do Better!


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