Burlington against Lockheed Martin

From Peace and Justice e-news update – Activists opposing Burlington’s partnership with Lockheed Martin made significant headway last night at a Burlington City Council Meeting, when Councilor Emma Mulvaney-Stanek proposed and defended a nonbinding resolution to set community standards.  These standards set guidelines for Burlington to make suitable climate-change partnerships – excluding arms manufacturers and environmentally irresponsible corporations.  The resolution passed 8-6, after over an hour of public discussion during which participants spoke out unanimously against Lockheed Martin, and in favor of the resolution.  Many speakers called for an even stronger resolution, suggesting that it be binding.  The public spoke out against Lockheed Martin for a wide variety of reasons; citing their many cases of misconduct, arguing against corruption, warning Burlington to protect its reputation, and expressing their concern that, once we have partnered with Lockheed Martin, there will be no turning back.  Although the resolution is not binding, it is a step towards helping Burlington be more selective while making partnerships. (end)

VT4Evolution – UVM’s alliance with Lockheed Martin through Sandia Laboratories for the “smart grid” project seems to be a hidden form of the Lockheed-Burlington alliance, as there wasn’t much opposition to the Smart Grid Bond nor with UVM students in their pursuit of helping Sandia (L&M) in their quest for a smart grid. Also the Peace and Justice Center has not informed the public nor spoken out against this alliance with in the smart grid issue. When I wrote Peace & Justice they declined to answer when I posted on their facebook page they said it was up to citizens to inform themselves. So, even if the city of Burlington stops the alliance on this front L&M will be “greening” the city with smart meters and smart tech.

Get informed https://vermont4evolution.wordpress.com/?s=smart+grid

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