Smart Grids, Radio Frequency and You

Many government agencies have spoken out over the past years on the dangers of RFR. We must protect our chidlren from this invisible danger.

From: the FCC – RF Safety -below

Low-powered, intermittent, or inaccessible RF transmitters and facilities are normally “categorically excluded” from the requirement of routine evaluation for RF exposure…

The FCC’s policies on RF exposure and categorical exclusion can be found in Section 1.1307(b) of the FCC’s Rules and Regulations [47 CFR 1.1307(b)]…

The Commission does not regulate exposure to emissions from these devices.  Protecting the public from harmful radiation emissions from these consumer products is the responsibility of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Inquires should be directed to the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH), and, specifically, to the CDRH Office of Compliance at (301) 594-4654.

From: Citizens for Safe Technology – below

Although the Smart Meter is what BC Hydro is rolling out at the moment, the “Smart Grid” is an even larger issue underlying the initiative.  BC Hydro Wi-Max towers will be installed in every residential and business neighbourhood.  All new appliances will emit wireless signals and an entire marketing industry called “Information Management” has sprouted from the global ‘smart’ grid plan. In parts of the US they have purchased information from utility companies about the electric diaries that the ‘smart’ meter tracking software gathers. There is also a corresponding spike in interest in radio frequency ID tags, which can be used on everything we buy to track consumer behaviour…

In the US, neighbourhood radiation highways are being created by cell phone companies collaborating with the wireless ‘smart’ grid, substantially increasing the radiation pollution passing between and through homes and offices.

As for emissions from each of the meters, depending on where they are on the grid, how many buildings they are connected to and how many meters are in one place, the microwatts emitted will vary significantly.

The meters will not provide a read-out of the levels we are exposed to from day to day, and we will not be able to shut them off. Hydro will be able to increase the emissions from the meter without telling us, and their only limit is the 10,000,000 microwatts per square meter that is our government standard.

Our government limit does not protect us

The biological damage to human cells from radio frequency non-ionizing radiation such as that emitted by “Smart Meters” has been shown starting at 0.0000000001 microwattts per centimeter squared…

Smart Meter Action kit –,73,0

“…the ambient electromagnetic and radio wave fields that will come as a result of having these things at every house running constantly is an unforeseen health risk. For people who are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, it’s going to be a living nightmare.”

– Mayor Lew Tremaine, Fairfax, California

Increasing scientific evidence shows possible long-term systemic health effects including: cancers, memory impairment, double-strand DNA damage, blood-brain barrier leakage and learning difficulties.

Health. Contrary to what the government reports, the microwave radiation that is emitted is high (as much as 4,000 microwatts per square centimeter, vs. maximum allowed of 600 microwatts per square centimeter) during the signal “spikes” which occurs several times a minute every day, all day. People are being exposed to these high doses of microwave radiation within their homes from their own meters, and from their neighbours’ meters, which are signaling to distance receivers.

In late 2010, Canadian Magda Havas, PhD, an electrosmog and electro-sensitivity expert, published results of a groundbreaking study in the prestigious peer-reviewed European Journal of Oncology. The study demonstrated that some wireless EMFs can adversely affect heart function, causing arrhythmias and other disturbances in heart rate variation (HRV).

Smart Meter neighborhood handout

VT4Evolution – To the State of Vermont, Governor Shumlin, the FDA, FCC and all Energy Companies, You are also humans, flesh and blood, why should we approve a complete transformation of Our energy grid to RF transmitting meters, with-out absolute proof that it is safe? You think you and your family won’t be affected by this “out of sight” technology? Think again! The data has been out for decades…. “Stimulus money” in the form of Smart Grid programs won’t cover the costs of a populace with years of Radio Frequency exposure of this magnitude. You are putting everyone, especially our future generations in danger’s way, by submitting us to become guinea pigs for profiteering corporations. Profit? Growth? What are they, compared to a healthy people? Moratorium PLEASE!


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