Free Survival Workshop – Hardwick VT – UPDATED


This will be the first of its kind. These free workshops/classes are center on building a SID (Subterranean, Indigenous, Domicile) and includes many other aspects of survival.


This first SID uses both conventional and indigenous building techniques and starts Aug 27 (weekends only) and goes to Oct 24 (end date not set yet).


The everyday purpose of this first SID will be used as a root cellar and used for survival when needed. All SIDs will have more then one use thereby making them very efficient.


These underground structures are free or very cheap to build and will protect you and your family from almost anything. They are invisible from above ground, safe, dry and warm.


The workshops/classes will take place only on weekends (Friday through Monday afternoon) rain or shine. Closer to the start date a schedule will be available for those interested in attending.


Check our Calendar after Aug 22th:


 See what you’re interested in and register with us by emailing:


 More info –



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